Sunday, January 10, 2010

Martha Stewart ain't got nothin' on me

Pin It Sometimes you have days where you have a plan to do something and the universe tries to tell you NO!  Everything you touch turns to crap.  Today was one of those days for me.

All week I had been planning on using today as a sew day to make some fun pretties for myself for once.  I love making things to give to other people but I've been doing so much of it lately I needed to hit the "reset" button.  First off, I slept in until 11:00 this morning (!!!!).  I'm not sure why I slept so late but when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a freight train and was tempted to crawl back into bed.  Nonetheless I stuck to my plan.

The late start gave me less time to complete what I wanted to get done but I would not be deterred!  On today's menu?  A yummy new laptop sleeve since I sent the last one I made to one of my besties in Chicago (glad you like it Jess!).  Then I thought if I got that done in record time, I'd make a new handbag.  Ready, set, GO!

First I made the laptop sleeve and ended up making it about an inch and a half too long, no biggy.  I just turned it inside out, re-sewed the bottom seem a little higher, cut off the excess and did a double zig zag to secure the edges.  Check.  Then I started picking out the fabrics for my new handbag.  I decided to make it to match the laptop sleeve.  All good and well except I bought the fabrics in Chicago and I realized much to my dismay that although I bought various cuts, I did not purchase anything less than a yard of each piece.  Unfortunately the pieces I bought a yard of?  Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh...  I only got anywhere from 30-32 inches.  I was MAD!  Okay, no big deal.  I didn't need a full yard of each piece anyway but really?  Shorting me 4-6 inches on each of my $11/per yard fabrics?  Not cool.  Another thing was that the large print was printed waaaaay crooked and no matter what I did it didn't look straight so I gave up on that...

So I did all of my cutting and began construction of the handbag.  Then I learned what it looks like when your thread somehow gets wrapped numerous times around your needle.  Isn't it lovely?

Three of four of my seams were like that.  Ugh!  No problem.  I wasn't going to stop.  I ripped them each out (no easy feat when it's batting you're ripping against!) and re-sewed them.  About 4 inches from the end of the last seam I ran out of bobbin.  *insert curse word here*  Wound another bobbin and sewed on.  Ten minutes later I ran out of top thread.  *insert worse curse word here*  Thirty minutes later I ran out of bobbin thread again.  *Really would have made nuns nervous*  I kept going but I will admit that I did skip an entire step of reinforcing the side seams of the bag.  But who's going to know?!

Here is the result of the fruits of my labors:

Cute?!  I'm thinking about ripping apart the laptop sleeve and adding a few more layers of "fluff" and sturdiness to it.  I'm not liking how wimpy it is, it's nothing like the last one I made.  But I'll tell you the best part about these lovelies:  They even match my business cards!  And now, since my wallet is pink, I get to either make or buy a matching wallet.   =]

****  Editing in because I forgot to add, the bag has two exterior pockets and TEN interior pockets!  YAY!

Next personal projects:
Business card holder
Sewing machine mat (to hold skizzers, pins, threads, etc.)
Pin Cushion
Mini-ironing boards.

Think I can accomplish all of that?  Maybe if I get tired of working on my Log Cabin next weekend I'll start project hopping!

Needless to say I'm happy with what I got accomplished in five hours today!


  1. I love both pieces. I so want to make a bag like that for myself. I tried one of those kit things for making a bag and it was a total fail. *sigh* I will get there some day.

  2. I just added an edit because I forgot that this bag, unlike the last ones I made which only had the six exterior pockets... has tons of pockets!
    Jess you will eventually get there. Handbags can be VERY tricky to figure out, it would be best to start out with a reusable shopping tote or something like that. Those are super simple and perfect for beginners. In due time, my sweet!

  3. If you want we can make one "together". I can post a tutorial for you!

  4. I have a lot to figure out before I get there...but, I am hoping once I get some things straightened out (RE: doc visits) that I can maybe even feel good enough to take a couple of sewing classes.

  5. I know you might not want to drive all the way into the heart of the city, but Quiltology has an excellent beginners class, and you even make a patchwork tote bag. For the classes you can either bring your own machine (which I suggest, because you need to learn how to use it) or use hers. Her classroom is set up with Singer sewing machines.
    I hope you get everything back on track!