Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mini Ironing Boards, Pin Cushions and Sewing Machine Mats, Oh my!

Pin It Today...  The therapy continued.  I'm reeeeeaaaaally procrastinating on working on this quilt I have on the frame!

In a previous entry I mentioned that a couple of my new projects would be those mentioned in the title.  Today, I went into the shop fully planning on just biting the bullet and at least getting another row on the CWR (Colorado Wedding Ring) quilted but I glanced over at the front cutting counter which still had some of my ever-so-yummy fabrics on it from yesterday.  I decided to go for it and made my mini ironing board.

It took all of 15-20 minutes to make.  Pfft!  I couldn't be done?!  I had to do something else.  So I made the sewing machine mat.  It took all of about an hour.  Pfft!  NO!  I wasn't quitting yet!  So I also made the pin cushion.  =]

I decided that there was actually a really good work-related reason to make all of these things.  Aside from the obvious reasons, I'm having a Sew-In this weekend and with my working on the CLC, I will have to press after each step.  That's a lot of getting up to go to the ironing board (even though my machine is set up on a table right in front of said ironing board)!  Not to mention there will be a number of other people needing to use the ironing board, as well.  I also have an adorable Clover mini-iron and have always just used it flat on the table which doesn't work very well. 

The sewing machine mat?  Well...  with those handy pockets it will be a lot easier to keep track of my stuff!  Since all of the people coming typically buy their supplies at our shop and also typically take my recommendations on products, we have a lot of the same notions.  This way, I'll know which ones are mine and where they are at.

The pin cushion?  Okay, did you SEE how cute that thing is?!

While I've got it on my mind, have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Clover mini-iron?  That little thing has got some heat to it!  It's virtually weightless so you don't have to worry about stretching your seams as you press and to tell you the truth, it's much easier to press seams open with it than it is with the full sized Oliso or Rowenta.  I love it!  If you don't have one or don't know what they are, I suggest you walk, not run (because if you run you might be too tired to sew and who really wants that?!) out to your local quilt shop and get one.  If your local quilt shop is my quilt shop, you're out of luck.  We're sold out of them.  :P

Here are a couple of pictures of my accomplishments from today:


Fun, huh?!

You'll notice all of my pieces are lined up nice and pretty-like for me to start working on my CLC tomorrow for the Sew-In.  See, I'm a good girl and am prepared!  Truth be told I actually started to piece another block tonight.  I got about half way through it and got up to answer the phone.  While I was on the phone, standing half-way across the room my sewing machine's presser foot dropped and it started sewing a decorative stitch.  When I pressed the STOP button, it only went faster.  It didn't stop until I unplugged it!  Soooooooo, at that point I was freaked out and called it a day!  A productive day, at that!


  1. Don't you mean "seeeeew, at that point.." lol
    that IS freaky. I only wished my camera would take its own pictures and my computer would do its own post production.

    That is super freaky. Has it happened since?

    Peace! Love your purses!

  2. Haha! In a perfect world! The bad part is that I had one of my quilt blocks in the sewing field so I had to rip all of that decorative stitch out!
    It hasn't happened since... I'm hoping it never happens again!
    And thanks! I like 'em too! =]