Thursday, February 4, 2010

In other news... (not really sewing/crafting related at all... but kinda)

Pin It I haven't been as good about updating this here bloggety blog as I said I was going to be.  Unfortunately I haven't had a whole lot of fun stuff to write about.  I've been kept busy on the longarm trying to catch up and prepare for the next month or two.  And as far as updating the blog, it's only going to get worse!

For those that don't know, I am having surgery on March 4th and will be out of work for about three weeks afterward.  I can't say how quickly I'll recover (everyone is different) and most importantly, when I'll be able to sew again!!!???  The thought just makes me miserable because I have so much to do.

During recovery I will have plenty (hopefully) to keep me busy...  I have to do the binding on the masterpiece, which measures 115x133.  So hand sewing the back of that should take quite a while and will be a nice "bed activity".  I have an art quilt book to read and am going to at least cut a few projects out so that they're there if I feel well and think I can sit up long enough to make it worth sewing.  So while I'll have PLENTY of time to blog, again, I won't have a whole lot to blog ABOUT. (I need to contact Leisel about when the March theme for SYTYCQ will be announced!)

Unfortunately this also means that I have to either cancel my March Sew-In (sorry DeAnn!) or at least postpone it until April.  It really does pain me to do that because I look forward to them so much...

I had my appointment with the surgeon last Monday and I planned it so that I'd have a couple of hours to kill before I had to be to the clinic.  Said clinic just happens to be a matter of blocks from the Great American Quilt Factory and while the shop itself isn't very large, I just sort of got lost in all of the fabric.  They have Joel Dewberry...  Amy Butler...  Kaffe Fassett...  Valorie Wells...  so many designers that I just love.  I kept walking around and always going back to that shelf where all of these beautiful fabrics were. 

Now it's pretty much an understatement to say that I'm neither a floral-y nor pastel-y kind of gal.  I like floral prints as long as they have funky flavor to them but traditional florals and I just don't mesh very well.  Something about Amy Butler's LOVE line just screams at me every time I see it.  I tried to stay conservative and bought 2.5 yards of a floral print and 1 yard each of two coordinates.  Aren't they pretty?

I've decided that I need more so when I go back for my pre-op appointment I'm going to go nuts and NOT be so conservative because, well, I think I deserve it.  I know that at the very least I will be making a bag and matching wallet out of this line (hello, Spring where are you?!) and hopefully a throw sized quilt design idea will pop into my head.  This fabric just makes me smile because it's so "happy".

Speaking of fabric, we got a few bolts from Moda yesterday from the Oz line in the Sanae collection.  I am pretty sure we ordered more than just these four bolts but for now, I can't wait to dig my hands into this exhibit of textile beauty and come up with something fabulous for it.  I just love how the yellow is so muted and mustard-y with all of the super bright colors with a black background...

I know it's not everybody's cup-o-tea but it's MINE and I'm the one that gets to order it so neener!  =]

There's the update from my little corner of the world.  I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Love the new fabric! I'll pick some up when I am out that way in March (Sew-In or not)! You may want to rethink the project list - I'm sure rotary cutter falls under the list of "Things NOT to play with when you are on pain meds". Just a thought! - Sheryl

  2. I'm coming in for some of that fabric! I'm sorry about the surgery -- take care and I'll pray for you. The fabric store will be the highlight, huh?

  3. Haha Sheryl... That's why I'm hoping to have something (or a couple of things... perhaps my dupioni project?) pre-cut so that I won't have to do any cutting! Besides... cutting is on my "no-no" list because I'm not allowed to bend at the waist. Cleaning the kitty box is going to be quite the chore!
    Melissa, I'm glad you like it. I'm sure you'll do it more justice than I ever could! Yes, the fabric store will be the highlight for the most part. I've been pretty nervous but found an incredible online support site that has really helped to ease my mind, so that's a plus!

  4. Lisa, Love the Amy Butler print and polka dots fabrics. Too bad you don't have that in stock at your store, I would get some. Very pretty. Good luck with your surgery and hope recovery is speedy. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  5. I love that first set of fabric together. You have such an eye for blending.

  6. Thanks Shirley!
    I wish we had it too. Unfortunately there isn't a high enough demand and we can't order bolts with only 7 or so yards on them so it's not a smart move. :(

  7. Between me, you and Marie, I think we could use up BOLTS of Amy Butler.