Thursday, February 11, 2010

New set of wheels? Yeah, they're paying off!

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You know...  I can't even for the life of me remember what I did at work on Monday.  It seems like it was ages ago!  Stayed home sick on Tuesday, I do know that much.  But Wednesday...  Oh yes, Wednesday I finally got around to doing the first customer quilt with my new set-o-wheels.  I am so happy with them it's ridiculous.  No jerkiness, no stitching where it just takes off and does its own thing, my Bertha is completely obedient these days and I just have to share.  Of course, you'll have to forgive me for apparently not being able to take a straight photo to save my life, but here it is!


Aside from it looking wonky (and I promise it's not), I think it turned out really well.  I even took advantage of the opportunity to use some of my leftover MonoPoly thread from Superior and do some fun stuff in her applique:


Perhaps only a longarmer will notice, but I think it turned out just famously.
As you can tell, I'm reaching for things to write about as most of the things I'm working on are "secret" and I can't share them until after a certain date but I just had to say again how happy I am with  my EdgeRider wheels and I highly recommend them to any/everyone with a longarm machine!

Maybe since I can't share much of what I'm up to, the readers that I do have should leave me some comments of what they're working on to give me more inspiration?  =]

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