Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's my tiara???

Pin It I most certainly do feel like a princess after the ridiculously productive weekend I've had!  I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but that's only because I make crazy, unrealistic  lists that I know I'll never complete but at the same time, I can dream.  Right?

So yesterday I got to the shop bright and early after waking up late, of course and I was convinced it would be an awful day.  Quite the opposite!  I quilted a red and black quilt with black/white variegated thread and it turned out awesome!  I don't have any photos of it yet because I haven't taken it off the frame...  I had tunnel vision.

I refused to leave work until all 100 of my blocks for the Curved Log Cabin were done.  I did it!  Some of you will remember my crazy 40-hour-long-sewing/zombie-stretch.  I've been working on it a little at a time ever since and last night, I finished all of the blocks right around 9:30 and laid them out!

Woohooooo! I have actually constructed 7 of the rows and took a picture of it, but my camera is downstairs and it's pointless when I have this picture anyway. :)

I'm so excited to get this sucker done! I had originally planned on working on it during my recovery time after surgery but then realized that I won't be able to bed down on the floor and arrange blocks and rows and such, so I decided I'd just finish it early!

Unfortunately I was so obsessed with working on the CLC, I completely blew off making and attaching the 500 inches of binding for the Masterpiece... I did get my blades cut for my Dresden Plate project I'm starting though!

I'm exhausted after all that sewing, and I do believe I will take a nap now (awful Idea at 6pm, no?). Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. PS - Like the new layout? The colors are the same as my business cards! Yay!

  2. Love, love, love the log cabin. Yay! Also yay on the quilting project. 69 to go, no? Tell everyone to just stop. Of course I'm always telling my husband to tell his clients that and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

  3. Lisa: Didn't have your e-mail, so if you'll send it to - I'll fordward you the .pdf handouts from the college learn to knit class to get you basic info and who knows what else I'll send - just a bunch of yarn/knitting stuff! Love the log cabin quilts - those colors are some of my favs!! Suzanne