Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Being domesticated just got a whole lot more appealing!

Pin It Have you ever laughed to yourself at the thought of reading a blog about a blog about a blog?  Well my friends, that is exactly what this is...  A blog about a blog about a blog.
You see, I follow my friend Melissa's blog who blogged about Sabra's blog and now I follow Sabra's blog too!  This cute skirt tutorial was enough for me to lose hours reading her entries and if you make that big of an impression on me then you're doing something right!
These are awful photos, but this is the first of my Domesticated Skirts:

What's that, you ask?  It's reversible?  Why yes, yes it is!  With my measurements I'm able to make the body of this skirt with about a yard of fabric.
Her version uses bias tape for the top and bottom hems along with ties.  I cheated and bought some bias tape in two colors (pink and lime) and used those around the top hem and just hemmed up the bottom edges.  I also did the trick where you sew into the sides so that it lays right and ended up having to pull it over my head to put it on.  I barely got it on pulling it over my head, though so I think I'll try again and do button closures at the waist!
All in all it's a quick skirt to whip up and I just love it.  I've already got another one cut out and fabric picked out for another and another and another (and I didn't have to convince too hard for my mother to decide to make one, as well).  Luckily the weather was lovely today so I even got a chance to wear it today! 
Needless to say, "domesticated" is looking pretty darn sassy these days, yes?  :o)


  1. Oh! PS- I used Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabric for the body and had I actually used my own bias tape (I really did make it but decided I wanted to save it for something else), it would've been Kaffe Fassett's Silhouette in reddish and pink.

  2. Hello Lisa! Love it! Now, send the pics to Sabra and she will feature you. How fun.

  3. I wasn't sure where to find how to email her on her page so I commented on YOUR feature and left my link to this post because my brain doesn't seem to work anymore. I think I got a lobotomy out of this surgery deal! :)

  4. Totally going to post about it on Friday. And now I'm going through YOUR blog because I love your quilts. Plus, you're just pretty darned entertaining. If you don't mind me saying so. Plus, you use "ditty", and I thought it was just me :) Anyway, love it and THANK YOU so much for linking me to it.

  5. You can do the ditty if you want to... ;P