Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The End of Quilter's Block?

Pin It So you know that whole situation with me having to be home from work for three (to six) weeks?  Yeah.  That was awful!  I did get some things done but it didn't really seem like I was doing anything at all.  I had no inspiration and was pretty much just going through the motions.  That lasted for almost two weeks and I have to tell you, it was misery.
Luckily toward the end of it all a spark lit somewhere inside of me that made me snap back to myself and start sewing like crazy.
I started working on my entry for month two of the So You Think You Can Quilt contest.  Of course, I can't show you that just yet and to be honest, I'm not feeling confident that I'll ever want to admit that it's mine.
We got a ton of new fabric in at the shop and I was just heartbroken I wasn't there for my little heart to skip a beat (okay, so I suffer from palpitations and tachycardia anyway but I digress) getting to cut open a box fresh off the UPS truck filled with textile fabulosity.  Regardless, I was kept up to date and would make my way in to cut off yardages for some fun here and there.
One set of fabric we got in was Andrea Victoria by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake, so I made this little ditty:

Now, I still have two borders to add to this beauty but...  don't judge me!!!!  I like to be able to really spread out and measure properly for borders.  I don't pin at all when I'm piecing but I pin like a mad-woman when it comes to my borders.  So while the center is done, the quilt isn't quite done yet but will be soon! (Not bad for my first on-point???)

We also got in a few bolts of Blush by Moda.  I love this fabric and had no plan for it when I ordered it.  I just love the colors and it goes so well with a lot of fabrics that we already had on the shelves so I made this:

Sorry for the crappy lighting, I tried to lighten it up a bit in Picasa...  Anyway I wasn't sure about using the lime-ish green with the aqua/teal prints (you can't even tell in the picture that it's actually two different colors and prints... sigh) but I kind of like it.  If you could see the fabrics better you'd see that there IS a reason I threw it in there!

So there's my two quilts I made in my last weekend of hemitude.  I think they both scream "SPRING!", and they cheered me up so that's all that really matters to me.  Of course I'd love for you to like them, too.  :o)

I've got another one started out of another new line, Frolic for Moda.  Who knows when that one will be done?

We got a super surprise visit from an E.E. Schenk rep today totally on the fly and of course, went extremely overboard on ordering more fabric...  So hmmm.  Yeep!  I really need to keep up on making samples and using up as much fabric as possible.  Haha!

So, considering my case of Quilter's Block, have you ever had any time where you just didn't feel at all creative/productive/awesome?  Someone please tell me I'm not the only one??????

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  1. LOVE the second quilt. Yeah, I've had quilters block, but then I just move to another genre, like gardening or flower arranging or painting. Something else. Nearly always doing something though.