Monday, March 1, 2010

So You Think You Can Quilt... Please vote!

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Melissa I hope you don't mind me stealing your collage photo.  :o)

Today all of the entries for the first month of So You Think You Can Quilt were posted.  Please go on over to Leisel's blog here and go vote for your favorite entry!

I'm so excited and hope everyone will play along!


  1. No prob. I told Leisel she could "steal" it too! We just have to get the word out, right? My husband's like, what do you get for doing this? Why are you working on it so hard? I keep saying maybe someone will "discover" me. ha ha I don't think we get anything, do we?

  2. You know... I'm not really sure. Leisel had said when she proposed the contest on her blog that there would be some kind of prize but it hadn't been decided yet.
    I really just signed up because I thought it would be fun and a chance to do something different than what I do every other old day, you know? That, AND I'd like to showcase my quilting. :o)
    I'm calling you now!