Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I could never work from home: Exhibit A

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There you have it, ladies.  My sweet kitty, Lilly.  Why is it her fault I could never work from home?

She hasn't left my side since the moment I got home from the hospital.  When I take my shower, she's right on the other side of the bathroom door waiting for me to emerge.  When I make myself a snack, she's right there at my feet waiting for me to be ready to go sit down.  When I take my naps, she's definitely on board.  Proof here:

I'm definitely not complaining!  The truth is that she's always pretty much been this way (I used to call her "wedgie" as a nickname) but I'm just never home to notice it as much.  And it really is adorable how loyal she is.  But the first picture above?  Here's the deal:

I finally made it out around lunchtime yesterday to go to work and pick up my sewing machine and a few of my bags of fabric so I'd have some things to do.  I was all excited to get home and start working on some things, but the car ride proved to be more painful than I expected.  So, when I got home I took a pain pill and a nap before anything.  haha.

After the nap I got into the sewing room, where my dear, sweet Lilly is not allowed.  Enter the first picture.  That is my kitty cat sitting on the other side of the glass door to the sewing room.  I should've taken video so you could hear the most pitiful kitty meows EVER!

I didn't have the heart to stay in there for too long, but at least I got the belt to my Anna dress made.  Now I'd like to work on the fabric flower and start working on my SYTYCQ entry.  Think I can distract* her with tuna????

*  It saddens me to say that my brain has officially stopped working as it took me about 3 minutes to figure out what word I was looking for, and finally came up with "distract".  Sigh!


  1. Awww...what a sweet kitty to take care of you! ;)

  2. mine loved it when I was home too.. one of them has to come in and out of the bathroom while I shower..and even gets on my lap when .. well you get the pic... yours is a cutie...she just wants to help press fabric!!

  3. Awww pretty kitty! I can't kick mine out of the sewing room...the kitchen is basically my sewing room, HA! One sits under my feet and watches the peddle and the other lays right behind the machine on the table and watches the needle go up and down. Seriously, his nose couldn't get any closer.

  4. I have a calico named lilly too :o)

  5. Is your calico named Lilly as insane as mine? :P

    Angie, that's funny because when I was sewing in the dining room, she used to get up on the table and swat at my needle as it went up and down. Nearly gave me a heart attack, I swear!