Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do you hear the angels singing?

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Coffee = NOM NOM NOM.
What you're looking at there is a fun new fabric that came from Moda yesterday (I'm tired of looking at my ragged cutting mat in pictures) but more importantly, a gingerbread latte in my cute new coffee mug which really isn't new at all I just forgot that I bought it.  It is one of two concoctions I make myself first thing in the morning when I get to work (the other being a caramel latte...).  Seriously.  I walk in the door, turn on all the lights, turn on the quilting machine and then head for the heavenly Senseo machine.
I wouldn't really call myself a coffee addict, though I would be afraid to see myself going a full day without it.  I just love it, plain and simple.  However lately, I really do need it.  I no longer sleep.  I know that part of that is due to hormonal changes after surgery (I refuse to use the "M" word) but lately I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to the fact that I've got so many gears grinding in m'noggin that the ever-elusive sleep just does not occur to my busy-body brain.
Most of the things I'm working on as of late I either can't, or won't (yet) talk about.  See?  I CAN keep my mouth shut about things if I have/want to!
One thing I will say is that I'm super duper crazy excited about a few possibilities for the future.  ---- side note:  Typing that gave me major deja vu.  Hmmmm?!---  There are a lot of things going on and I can't wait to see how they progress!
Until then...
This is the first quilt I finished post-surgery.  Which means that it's actually been done for...  however many weeks I've been back at work now.  And I just finally got around to hanging it up today!  I can never seem to get a good picture of this one that shows the quilting very well, but I just love this pattern and the lady that made the top so YAY!

Now.  Completely off topic but can anyone tell me why I receive and invitation to a Shop Hop in Oklahoma every year?


  1. I can't wait to hear/find out more about your excitment in the works.

    RE your offer: I'm compleltey blown away at your generosity. I even told my husband. But there is no way I'm sending that quilt to you. It's the first quilt I pieced (you know, out of the two...) and, well, it has issues. Not the least of which being the fact that it is nearly a foot wider at one end than the other. So, no. It is not to be seen by the likes of you. I will get to it someday. But thank you so very much for the offer!

  2. Okay Lisa! I know your secrets (at least I think I do.) And as follows:
    #1 Christy has to have her coffee every morning too. You and she will get along very well on our secret adventure.

    #2 I don't sleep either. I lay there most nights and my little brain twirls up new ideas. Todd says that I've slept well about 3 nights in the last ten years. And I don't even touch caffeine.

    La di dah. Happy day!

  3. Melissa you do know my secrets! I think you know all of them anyway...? And you also know that they aren't even all *my* secrets. :P

    Do you get up in the middle of the night and jot down your ideas? I used to do that. Now I can't stand it and start just completely drawing them out!

    I really think I could survive without caffeine to be honest. I just don't want to. =]

    I think you should come into the shop tomorrow (today?) if you have a chance and make up my mind for me. Meh!?

  4. Oh, and Sabra... That made me laugh out loud! Okay well, I tried. It'll mean more if you do it anyway but if you change your mind you know how to find me!

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