Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does it still count as a "re-fashion" or "re-purpose"??

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Do any of you remember how giddy and excited I was to make Amy Butler's Anna Tunic dress?  And how disappointed I was when it was finished?

I never did take a picture of it on because I decided it just looked totally barftastic on me.  But, we have to show the good and the bad, right?  Everything can't turn out perfect so here it is:

No, I did not do my hair today.  Anyway!  I'm convinced that it looks better on me in photos than it does to actually look in the mirror.  Because really, this photo doesn't look all that bad.  Maybe I'm just freaked out by the amount of flowers I'm adorning myself with.  I don't know.  What I do know?  It's time to overhaul this puppy.

I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at the designs of countless skirts.  Tons.  One after another.  Trying to come up with a semi-original idea for a top-secret project.  All of this skirt business got me thinking about this dress {as I look to my left at it hanging, taunting me from my closet door}.  I think I should've stuck with my original plan to just make the actual tunic out of this pattern.  Like I said, it could just be the amount of floral that is bothering me, or it could be the style and lay of the dress.  I just don't like it and feel like a blob when I put it on.  But here's what I'm thinking:

Mark the dress at my hip bone and hack into it straight across.  Re-hem it into a tunic.  Take the remaining skirt part of the pattern, rip out the hem and take out the lining, make some gathering stitches (or pleats?), attach it to a drop-waist panel and maybe even perhaps add a contrast panel across the bottom (or maybe even eyelet?) if I'm need of a little more length.  What do you think?  Think I can make it work?

Now remember, this is the first article of "real" clothing I've ever made myself.  But I know enough about sewing in general and how to measure that I think I could pull it off.  Then I'd have a shirt and a skirt out of just 2 yards of fabric and some change.  Now wouldn't that be spectacular?  =]

If anyone has any suggestions what-so-ever, I'm all ears (or eyes).  I know some of you out there are clothing experts so I'm more than willing to take the advice!!


  1. I think it would make a cute tunic top! I say, go for it!!

  2. I think it is the amount and size of the floral that is making it overwhelming on you. I really like your ideas and totally think you should go for it! When it's no longer covering nearly all your body, I think the floral will be a lot better.

  3. Amy and Sabra, I agree.
    My original plan was to do it as a tunic but decided that since I had enough of the fabric to make it into a dress I'd try it out. It's just too much of the floral.
    I'm excited to turn it into a cute tunic and skirt and have a bunch of options for my spring/summer wardrobe!

  4. Something about the collar bothers me. But I totally like your chopping idea. I mean, you're not going to wear it as is, right? I love the little belt you made.

  5. I agree with Melissa. The collar seems more age approprite on a little girls dress unless the style is updated to a tunic. LOVE the fabrics!!!


  6. some sort of embelishment, off to one side I'm thinking, could mature the collar maybe?

    and just so you know, I totally give you my permission to forge my autograph on your QH. It'll will make it practically an heirloom!

  7. Sabra, it's funny you should mention that... I made a fabric flower which I thought looked too "kid-ish" so I made another one, only it was a folded rosette. I still haven't decided how I feel about it.
    As far as forging your signature... BLASPHEMOUS! Although I might have to send it to you to autograph so you can send it back. :P