Thursday, April 1, 2010

I make stuff (duh). Way... too much... stuff.

Pin It A couple of months ago, at the beginning of the new year, my mother and I went out to dinner and were sort of reflecting on the last year, work-wise.  We started talking about all of the things that I did last year, this quilt, that bag, etc.  It became more of a tally to figure out just how many quilts I made in 2009 (my first year of real sewing/quilting, yay!), how many bags, so on, so forth.  I think we came up with 19 quilts that I designed and/or pieced, quilted and bound last years.  As far as handbags?  I stopped counting at 27 because I really just didn't even want to know.
This presents a small problem that some people would probably love to have:  I'VE RUN OUT OF PEOPLE TO GIVE MY CRAP* TO.
Let's take a look, shall we?  (I will admit the first two I made in 2008 but it was very very very VERY late in 2008 [I was binding them on Christmas eve!]). 
I made that and gave it to my sissy for Christmas.
I made that and gave it to my other sissy for Christmas.
I made that and sent it off to Newborns In Need.  Then I made another one totally identical to it.  Which I still have.  Because I have no one to give it to.
I made that and gave it to one of my friends that had a baby girl in February.  Then I made another (almost) identical to it.  And gave that one to a local church to donate to a family in need.
I made that and sent it off for Project Linus. Then made another one identical to it which is still hanging in the shop.  It needs a home.
I made that and months later decided I'd give it to my Grandmammy for Christmas.  Except I still have it so I guess I'll give it to her for Easter?
Most everyone knows I made that for my sissy for Christmas, but have yet to give it to her (Easter!).  I got the binding done while I was home after surgery.  So, I made this one for the one sissy, and ended up making another quilt for my other sissy for Christmas.  Unfortunately the only photo I can find of the other one is in my WebShots albums.
I made that for a friend's daughter for Christmas.  (It looks puffy because it is.  Give me a break, it was my first time quilting a Minkie back!)
I made this laptop envelope and ended up sending it to a friend in Chicago.
I made that and will be sending it to a friend in North Carolina.

Speaking of friends in North Carolina...
I made that and sent it to another friend in North Carolina.  Here is the picture he sent me when he received it! (I think he liked it)
I made that for my nephew.  And then I decided to make this crayon holder to match:
And then I made 2 more sets to give to each of the younger kids for Christmas.
I made that and am giving it to one of my sissies. (And also two more for my other sissy, one for my mother, one for a girl I went to high school with, one for my nail lady... on and on)
I made these and used them for about a week before I made this:

Are you getting the idea?  Because I'm tired of posting pictures now and I'm sure you're tired of looking at them!
The thing is, I will never stop making crap.  So I'm just going to have piles and piles of crap, basically.  If I had more readers I'd do fun giveaways like all of the other fun bloggers.  But the fun bloggers have 394857394853409852309458340598 people that read their blog and participate.  I don't so basically I'd be giving away to the same 4 or 5 people every time!  haha!
As it is right now, I have 10-12 quilts that I need to find homes for.  YEEP!  See?  Piles of crap.  So... yeah.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what to do with my piles of crap?!

*I use the term "crap" in an ever-so-loving way.  :o)


  1. Oh Lisa. Just keep at it a little while. I had 7 followers just about forever! Plus, a quilt with no home? Hmm. I just pile them up! ha ha

  2. Yeah... I'm not too worried about the number of people that read my blog. It would just be fun to have more so I could give some stuff to people that I know would like and/or appreciate it. :o)
    As far as piling them up? Yeah you've seen the shop... You know that's what I do! haha!

  3. I hear ya loud and clear!! As for the baby size quilts, I am sure a hospital would love to have them for some of their wee patients who are very ill. :o)

  4. Battered woman's shelter. Find one that takes families. They would be ever so grateful for any and all of your creations. Battered women and their children need to know other people care about them.

  5. i have 8 people who "follow" my blog, and i know 1 of them actually reads it.. dont stress :) loving the quilts tho!!!

  6. Amy, the Project Linus quilts do go to hospitals but I guess I could just donate them directly. Joan, that is an excellent idea and a cause that hits close to home. I suppose the reason I had never thought about it is that most of the quilts I have left to find homes for aren't utility, they're more decorative but they need pretties too, right?
    Catt, thank you! I haven't gotten a chance to check out your blog yet but those that I follow, I DO read! =]

  7. Really like the brown floral/green tote. May I ask what pattern you used? Is it your own pattern? Thanks!

  8. I'm a new follower. See, you are growing! I love that you keep making "crap". I love to see it. And giveaways are never discouraged! lol

  9. Contact Kaelin at The Plaid Scottie - she claims to be the queen of "crap piles". Maybe you two could get a competition going. Count me in - I have them too. Necessary evil of a busy creative mind.