Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's days like these that make for a VERY happy Lisa!

Pin It I don't know about everyone else, but when I have days where I can't seem to get anything done it makes me pretty grumpy.  I'm one of those people where when I get something started I am a nutcase about it until it's finished.  Take Monday for example.  Monday?  I was gruuuuumpy!  All I got done was loading a quilt on the frame.  I ended up staying at work for 4 extra hours just so I could actually make some progress on it.

Yesterday morning I woke up sitting up in bed with my laptop on my lap, sketch pad to my right, notebook to my left and a pencil still in my hand!  I knew that if I woke up and immediately was able to laugh at myself that it had to be a good day.  And boy, was it!  I got my first quilt of the day quilted by 10:30.  I felt so good about it that I decided to throw one of my quilts that I made as a shop sample onto the frame to quilt up.  Remember this post?  Yeah.  I quilted the pink and brown one and also got the first set of borders put on the Riley Blake Andrea Victoria one on the bottom.
I have kind of been without my sewing machine for a while...  My buttons quit working so I had no way of locking my stitches or backstitching, which is fine for piecing.  The problem is that I had my SYTYCQ entry to work on (a LOT of decorative stitching) and I had to set my stitch width and length to zero, then go back in and put them back the way they were supposed to be to do the actual stitches!  So Tuesday I performed a couple of surgeries on my machine (warning:  If you are offended by sewing machine nudity, look no further):
That's what my sewing machine looks like naked!  I replaced the front panel of buttons for the lock stitch, reverse, thread cutter, start from beginning, needle up/down start/stop, foot up, foot down and foot pivot.  I also had a problems with my bobbin out sensor not working so played around with that for a while and it is now working too!

With my sewing machine in proper working order again, I had to use it, of course.  When I was done quilting the pink and brown quilt I decided that I needed to make another one and came up with this...  The It's-So-Easy-A-Caveman-Can-Do-It-Quilt.
I just think it would look so cute on a child's bed!  It's so bright and cheery.  Now don't confuse easy with fast because to do this quilt correctly does take time.  But I made it in an afternoon and you could too.  :o)

Now I'm throwing that one on the frame today and working on binding a customer quilt, the pink and brown quilt, my SYTYCQ quilt, this quilt and putting the last set of borders on the Riley Blake quilt!

Even just typing that sentence made me tired..................................................


  1. No joke! You are so productive. In other news, I think I can finish up my SYTYCQ #3 quilt in the next couple of days. Riley Blake should be here today, I would think. And fabric on demand says my order will ship in 1 or 2 days. Does that mean Monday? Grrr!

  2. Melissa, that sounds like sewing heaven! I remembered what I wanted to ask you the other day... I had brought print-outs of my designs to get your opinion on whether or not they're too "much" for what they're for... I still think they might be. Oh well. I'll figure something out!
    I'm a little sad about the fabric on demand thing! I totally thought you'd be GETTING it today and bring it in to show!
    I have decided on my SYTYCQ design and am going to start working on that either tonight or tomorrow. I've decided that I'm not putting a whole lot of thought into this anymore. For many (obvious) reasons. ;)

  3. PS - That means I won't be the *last* person to send my entry in this time! haha!