Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story time!!!!!

Pin It I used to tend bar at a sports bar in Denver.  One night I had a group of four, two guys and two gals, come in to watch a Cubs (!) game and grub it up.  The two guys had Modelo and Jack and Coke, tall with a lime.  The two gals has Michelob Ultra and Coors Light.  They drank their drinks, ate their food, watched their game and a good time was had by all.  Then they left.  The end?  Nope.   About 4 months later Modelo guy came back with another friend of his.  They walked in the door and sat down at a table in the pool room.  I walked over there, and said to Modelo man, "I'm SO SORRY about the last time you were here!"  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I said... "One of your friends (Michelob Ultra lady) ordered the Cobb salad with no bacon, no egg and no blue cheese crumbles.  I totally forgot to order hers special.  She got all the stuff on her salad she didn't want!"  He was amazed (and a little freaked out, perhaps) that I remembered all of that and we got a good laugh about it.  He also reassured me that it was fine and she didn't mind.

About 6 months months ago a customer picked up her quilt that I quilted for her and got some fabric for binding.  A week after she picked it up we got around to doing a deposit and there was a discrepancy between the amount of her check, and the total that the register gave.  I looked up the total of her quilting.  I then remembered that she had also bought the binding fabric.  To this day I remember it exactly.  She needed 13 strips to do her binding and she's sort of a beginner so she wanted to do 3" strips so she would have no problems.  She chose a gold tone on tone Kansas Troubles fabric with a muted leaf print in it.  It was 7.99 a yard and she only needed 1 1/8 yard for her 13 strips but I gave her 1 1/4 yard because she said she always slips when cutting.

I could go on and on with the stupid stuff like that where I remember every teensy weensy little detail.

Today?  I walked in circles around the shop for a good 15 minutes looking for my coffee cup only to find it in the microwave, left my cell phone on a shelf in the ribbon aisle of WalMart, and called a customer TWICE to tell her that her quilt was done because by noon I had already forgotten that I called her at 9:30.

Does quilting rot your brain?  Am I the only one?  Say it ain't so!!!


  1. Lmao Lisa. Hey great story!

  2. Knowing me, you know that I know that you know I really am like this and really do these things!!! =]

  3. I was just wondering the same thing the other day . . . and then I thought maybe it was the kids. :)

  4. So true. Kids definitely take it out of you too but I think our minds just become so consumed with fabrics that (almost) everything else is secondary. I'm okay with that. :o)

  5. ha ha ha! And I agree with melissa, I thought it was the kids. I used to remember crazy details about things--conversations down to the detail, etc. But anymore my brain is so full of information about Legos and Star Wars and who will eat what when blah blah blah, there is no room for anything else!