Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Who needs a pattern?" >= FAIL

Pin It I make all kinds of things without using a pattern.  Lots and lots of things.  Usually said things are rotary cutting projects or easily measurable projects that are quicker to whip up by just winging it than taking the time to draw out a pattern.  Not such a great idea when you're cutting out shapes.
A couple of weeks ago my adorable pin cushion up and disappeared.  I had it at work, in the classroom.  Someone either moved it to some really insane place that totally makes sense so I wouldn't even think to look there, or it somehow got thrown away (yes, this really happens a lot) because I simply cannot find the silly thing!  Which makes me sad because it had so many pins in it that still had long and healthy lives ahead of them.
As a result of this, I have been using one of my wholecloth quilts (gasp!) and a stuffed teddy bear as a pin cushion.  The wholecloth is just blasphemous and now has countless holes in its beautiful cotton sateen body.  The teddy bear?  It just makes me feel demonic to shove pin after pin into a teddy's tummy or forehead.
I've been meaning to make a new one but just haven't had tiiiiiiiiime.  Today I ripped apart a bag that needed the straps re-done.  Got that all done, and decided that if I'm going to make a new pin cushion, I will also need a new sewing machine mat.  Done.  On to the pin cushion.  I decided I wanted it shaped like a flower again.  I thought to myself, "surely, self you have enough ability to cut out a flower shape without actually drawing one out and making a template."  Gross over-estimation of my own talent.  The photo will speak for itself:
I refuse to go any further with it and will be making another one whenever my stomach stops hurting from laughing at myself over this one.  It looks like a deformed baby octopus.  Seriously.  Every time I look at it I laugh.  I will say, though that it is amply stuffed and works great for my pins!!!


  1. Ha ha ha! That is just funny. But it does look useable . . .

  2. but such a cute deformed baby octopus!

  3. It's actually cute! It could be a starfish?