Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is entirely too funny NOT to post

Pin It One of my friends on Facebook posted this video after I confided in her that one of the quilts I have to do secretly makes me wish that a tornado would hit the shop and do no damage except to suck up this quilt top into its vortex never to be seen again.  It cheered me up, because this is my daily life and I know I'm not alone!  If you're not a longarm quilter, you probably won't get some of the references but it's funny nonetheless.  =]


  1. Loved the video! So funny. I have heard that you can quilt that out.

  2. so you're saying that you COULD have fixed all the wonkiness of my first quilt with that magic machine of yours??

  3. Ha! That video is too funny!

    I was just browsing blogs and came across yours - had to have a look 'cause my blog name is the slightly mad quilt lady (except it looks like you do just a teensy weensy little bit more quilting than me!).