Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm not famous. But I sure do feel like a rockstar.

Pin It I just have to take this opportunity to be a total GIRL for a bit.

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for all of the wonderful people in my life!  I have such wonderful, supportive friends!  Last year was sort of a turning point in a few of my relationships.  There was a falling-out or two.  The relationships worth salvaging are now on the mend, and the ones that weren't are over.  Thankfully.  I need negativity in my life like I need a hole in my head.

But this year?  This year has been fantastical.  I have people in my corner, cheering me along in every little endeavor, and I could not do anything that I do without the encouragement.  That includes every one of you reading this, too!

The last week has been spectacular.  It started out with this!

A rose and cupcakes from a great friend for Valentine's Day?!  YES, PLEASE!

Then my post at The Quilting Gallery went up.  The responses that I got to that were just amazing.  I love that I can consider members of the quilting world, near or far, a part of my family.  The emails I received from people I don't even know, just to tell me that they love my work, or even just to say hello really meant a lot to me!

Then a couple of days after that, Anna Maria Horner posted this blog.

That quilt that her sweet little man, Roman is cuddling with?  I quilted it!  (I actually quilted seven of the quilts pictured, but that's beside the point)  Now, to understand how much a little piece of me being on AMH's blog means to me, you have to understand how much I absolutely adore her.  Not only is she a magnificent designer, but she is just a downright NICE PERSON.  I feel so lucky to have met her in May!

Aside from my very unfortunate haircut at the time, it was such an awesome experience!  I even bought her new book.

You know.  Her book titled Handmade Beginnings.  Which is all about sewing for pregnancy and baby?  Yeah.  I bought it.  A month and a half after I had a hysterectomy.  Just because I wanted to own it, and I wanted her autograph.  Because I adore her that much.  But we don't need to share that little factoid with Ms. Horner, right?
Needless to say, to have even a teensy weensy place on her blog was uber awesomenicity for this gal.  Then there was this email I received:
Lisa Marie, a long time ago my daughter and I pieced some quilt tops and sent them off to Anna Maria for the Rainbow Around the Block project. They were made to be given away and I didn't plan to see them again, so imagine my surprise tonight when I was looking at Anna Maria's blog and saw little Roman sitting on one of my quilt tops. And Imagine my delight when I saw how BEAUTIFULLY it was quilted and bound! And then to find your comment that you had done the quilting, to look at your blog, and to find ANOTHER of my quilt tops right there in the picture on the quilting frame! I just wanted to tell you that your work is lovely and I am so proud that my humble tops were completed by you! What a beautiful project this is!
 Really?  Seriously!?  How fantastic is that?  I just about squealed with excitement to read that!

Then there's a matter of my BeDazzled quilt that I'm working on.  I have a few cheerleaders on that project that have absolute faith in me.  I have no idea what I did to deserve that, but their words of encouragement on a project that frankly scares the poo out of me, well it means the world to me.  I'm not sharing too much in way of progress pictures because I kind of want it to be a surprise, but here's what it looks like from the back after 18 hours of trapunto trimming have been logged.

So close, yet so far away.  But I know I can do it, because there are people that believe in me.

I guess in short what I'm trying to say is:
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!  I would be nothing (and really, I am nothing but I feel like something) without the people in my life!  ♥


  1. Hi Lisa. I don't know that I should say this, but I am so proud of you. Why should I be proud? You're already WAY better at quilting than me, so it's not really my place to be proud. Nevertheless, I am. And so glad to know you. And AM should have thanked you for the countless quilting hours that went into those quilts.

  2. This is your year...enjoy! Love to see all that is happening in your life.

    Sheryl S.

  3. What a lovely post.....I am glad you are having a good year and you are right, don't need that kind of negativity....keep heading in the direction you are going....I a glad to know a "Rock Star"

  4. You ARE so talented! I can hear your gratitude in your voice! Such a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow what an amazing series of events!!! that is awesome. you really do beautiful work!

  6. You are definitely a rock star!

    I'm disappointed to learn you were in MN last year, same as me .. and I didn't even know you then. I won't be in Salt Lake, but maybe perhaps Houston if the stars align correctly.

  7. I'm so glad there are people that are supporting you and encouraging you. You are amazing and I'm glad that maybe you can see that through others' eyes. Does that make sense?

    Quilt on!