Monday, March 21, 2011

I do stuff.

Pin It I promise, I really do!

I'm entering week number I-have-no-idea-what-number of working my tail off.  Really.  Like, 100 hours a week.  Like, I've been sleeping on the floor at work.  Like, I'm still at work right now.  It's ridiculous.  Of course, a large portion of that is working on my BeDazzled quilt, but I'm doing other stuff too!

Last weekend (I think?) I had my sew-in.  It was fun, as they always are.  Unfortunately I was standing at my quilting machine all weekend in my own little world, while everyone else was in the classroom being super duper productive.  I didn't get any pictures from the weekend.  I basically lived on Starbucks (thank you, Molly!).

I have managed to get a few customer quilts (and one top-secret quilt!) quilted, as well.  I barely remembered to take pictures of them.  Oh!  Wait.  Nevermind.  I actually didn't remember to take pictures of them.  But trust me.  They were rad.

Now, something to do with my BeDazzled quilt that has nothing to do with my BeDazzled quilt (I'll save that for later):  We started class this past Saturday!  Everyone that has signed up for this class has been intimidated by it from the get-go.  I did my best to reassure them that they would be fine, and once they saw how it works, they would just take off.  Don't forget, this is the first project I have ever machine embroidered.  And now, they know that I'm not a liar!

Here's my friend, Phyllis.  Phyllis has been going nuts for the last four months trying to figure out how to do this quilt on her own.  The first day of class, who was the first one done with her block?  Phyllis!

And here's my friend, Nancy.  Oh, how I love Nancy!  Nancy is pretty new to the embroidery world, she just got her machine a couple of months ago.  Nancy...  was the SECOND person in class done with her block.

Don't they look happy?!  We were all happy.  I was so happy, I was going around hugging everyone as they finished because I was so proud.  Don't get me wrong, there were a few bumps along the road, but everybody in class was a trooper and we made it out alive.

Now my BeDazzled?  It hasn't been going as well.  I made an ill-advised decision that has put me about two weeks behind, and I've been ripping quilting stitches for about a week.  Fifteen stitches per inch of the tiniest stipple I've ever seen. Look at all of those holes!  I'm glad I was using a size 14 needle...

But that's okay!  Because it's going to be effin' awesome when it's done.  Here's a preview.
No butterfly detail:

A little butterfly detail:

All butterfly detail:

And my modified Lady Slipper

That is, of course, orange thread on a purple backing.  Do you see all of the imperfections?  Yeah, me too!  But that's okay.  Nothing is ever perfect (especially me).  BUT, I'm pretty pleased with it!

Now if I could only be done ripping so I could just FINISH this thing and have my life back?!  Oh, yeah.  This is my life.  :O)

But here's a cool picture taken of me last week to prove that I actually do know how to do something other than work!  (Taken by a local photographer whose name I would be more than happy to pass along!)


  1. Your quilt is going to be soooooooooooooooo awesome!

  2. I love your quilt and that picture of you is amazing you look great!

  3. LOVE the quilting! The orange looks amazing on the purple. Keep going. You are so close!

  4. Okay. Now I see the model. Who knew?