Saturday, March 26, 2011

WOW! Just... wow! I'd like to thank the academy...

Pin It Except not really!  There is no academy.  It's just you awesome people out there!

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows I'm driving myself insane trying to finish my BeDazzled quilt.  I don't bother taking my laptop home anymore, and rarely even open the lid.  However, I DO have internet on my phone and still check my email!

I got an email at 1:30 yesterday (?) morning that made my head spin!  I was here at work, and didn't get much done afterward.

Are you familiar with SewCal Gal?  If not, you should definitely take the time to peruse her blog, facebook, etc.

Anyway, what is my point?  I got an email from SewCal Gal saying that I have been nominated for an award as Best Longarm Quilter in the Golden Quilter Awards!  At first I was totally confused and had no idea what was going on.  Me?  No.  I thought it was a glitch.  But I went to the site and there I was!

What a fun contest!  You can vote from the list of nominees in every category or just the ones that you feel confident in voting for someone to be "the best".  So basically, just like every regular election.  :)

I feel SO HONORED to have been nominated for something like this!  I really thought I knew who nominated me at first, but now I'm not so sure.  I know that I'm a peon in this quilty world (hey, there ARE an awful lot of quilty people), but to be in the company of the other nominees is just beyond words.  So!  I think everyone should go vote!  I'm not saying you should vote for me (unless you want to or something), I just think you should vote in as many categories as you can.  This is such a fun contest, and it's supah-dupah-successful so far so let's carry on the trend, yes?

The link to see what I'm talking about is here.  It's a lot to absorb, isn't it?

Now, I suppose I'll give an update on my BeDazzled, since that's the only thing going on in my world, at the moment.  I don't have a whole lot to share, but big things are coming.  :)

When a longarm quilter is working on a quilt, a "big" quilt, with all kinds of water soluble marker and thread all over the place, they wonder what it's going to look like when all is said and done.  Now, the rules say you're supposed to wait until you dunk the quilt in water and have it blocked to see, but I'm just too impatient for that.  So what did I do?  I soaked a scrap of batting with water and got rid of that crap so I could see!

So, that is what my butterfly setting looks like without all of that blue marker.  I like it!  It's not perfect and I wasn't expecting it to be, but I like it.  I timed it.  It takes me approximately 5 hours to quilt each of these butterfly blocks.  AWESOME!?

That's the only block that I attacked with the water but, the setting triangles look pretty cool, too!

That's all I really have for an update, until tomorrow. Or Monday.  Or Friday.  I don't even know!  But I do have some super fun things planned so I hope you'll stay tuned!


  1. I simply cannot wait to see that quilt!! You are amazing...have you figured out what you will wear to accept your award? hehehe?

  2. not what but who will you be wearing?

  3. Quilt is stunning so far! Congratulations!! Hope you win!! :-) Good Luck!