Thursday, June 30, 2011

A bunch of super cute finishes! And another GBD ribbon

Pin It I have been sewing my little heart out lately. You wouldn't really be able to tell because for the amount of time I've spent, I really haven't gotten a whole lot completed. Unfortunately, most of the things I'm doing are pretty time consuming.

I don't usually get a whole lot of time to sew for myself. But I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to do some fun stuff before my super-secret insane project started, which is part of the reason that I decided to take part in the awesome Rockin' Robin Modern Quilt-Along. By the way, have you grabbed your button yet?!

I'm dying to show you all my finished product from the quilt-along, because it's SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! Unfortunately, that's not allowed. And I can't show you my (limited) progress on the super-secret insane project either, obviously. But I CAN show you these super cute skirts I made!

This is the first one I made, out of Linda Lum DeBono's Hugs and Kisses line.

Immediately after I finished that one, I started cutting out fabric for this one, out of Riley Blake's Summer Song (mostly):

So when I finished that one, my friend Jenny emailed me and said that she's having a rainbow themed birthday party for her daughter, and she would love if I'd make her a ROYGBIV skirt.  This one is my favorite!!

Of course, after making all of these cutesy itty bitties, I had to make one for myself.  And of course, I had to make it out of Riley Blake's Sugar and Spice.  I mean, it had to match my bag, right??

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the bag with the finished fabric flower on it.   But trust me, it's adorable!

So what about everyone else?  Most people I know sew a lot less in the summer time because they're having fun outside.  I get MORE sewing done in the summer because I don't have Christmas quilts to contend with!  What have you been up to lately?  I'll be making many more of these skirts in the near future!

One other thing...  My Go! BeDazzled received an Honorable Mention at the AQS show in Ohio.  I was more than pleased, since there were 27 other quilts in my category.  But the quilt got shipped back to me, to the wrong address.  FedEx man to the rescue!  Then I opened my critique and it said "Quilt should lay flat".  I thought the judges had to be on crack, because my quilt does lay flat!  Or should I say it did lay flat.  It must have been subjected to some moisture between here and Ohio, because I took my quilt out of the box and was absolutely HORRIFIED.  It is all shriveled up!  So I need to re-block it (AGAIN) before it heads to San Antonio to be on display with Sarah Vedeler for Bernina University!


  1. It's scary to send a quilt off. You don't know what will happen to it until you get it back.

  2. Adorable skirts!!! I love that you made one for yourself too.

    Maybe add some desiccant packets to your box to keep the moisture out? You can buy larger one's from some seed companies. I know Territorial Seed Co sells them to wick moisture away from stored seeds, but they'd work just as well packed in with your quilt doing the same job. Congrats on the ribbon!

  3. I'm loving these skirts... pattern or your own creation? Share please -- they might actually fit over my OMG large tushy since no matter how much time I'm on the ellipical it isn't helping my weight problem.

    WOW, superwow, hurrah and all that stuff on yet another ribbon for your quilt. That's scary about the moisture factor -- I always worry about rain/snow, but never thought about just plain old humidity! Anyway -- keep it up girl, that quilt is going to have numerous ribbons on it before it gets retired!!

  4. love those skirts which i guess I already told you :) Hope your trip is fun.


    ps im so excited about the quilt of mine your doing you did such an amazing job last time.