Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ThatCrazyQuiltyGirl in the press!

Pin It I've mentioned before that I don't handle attention very well.  It's really true.  When people compliment me on anything, my usual reaction is along the lines of shuffle-my-feet-and-say-awww, shucks, thanks.  I just can't handle it!  Which is why when I was asked to give an interview about my competition quilt, I was a little hesitant.  I like to be sort of anonymous and go about life in the shadows.  Honestly.  I really do. 

But, I agreed.  My other worry was this:  I'm usually able to convey what I'm trying to say fairly well through written (or typed) words.  However, it seems like 90% of the time I open my mouth to speak the same words I could easily write, I end up with diarrhea of the mouth.  So I was worried about having to actually talk.

I was pleasantly surprised by the article!  It is so well written, I have to give major props to Christina.  I appreciate her humor and her style of writing, for sure!

Sooooo, anyway.  Here's the Article!  (I'm leaving a few small bits out for my own privacy and also the privacy of one of my customers, kkthnxbi!).

Self-Taught Quilter Finds Great Success

What do you think of when you envision a quilter?
Do you imagine a smiling grandmother with skilled hands, working meticulously on a beautifully-blocked quilt with cross-stitched ducks and floral motif?  Update your imagination because there is a new quilter in town and she doesn't fit the mold.
Lisa Sipes has bleached and pink streaked hair, a piercing above the lip and another on her chin.  She is vivacious, a snappy dresser and isn't shy about telling you like it is.  She is also a semifinalist in the 2011 American Quilters Society quilt show and contest.
Sipes's quilt, "BeDazzleder!", named for its 2,000 Swarovski crystals, was chosen along with 229 others for the annual contest at the Iowa Events Center from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1.  First, second and third place prizes will be given out in five categories, along with five overall awards.
The contest will give out more than $44,000 in prize money; $10,000 for best of show and $5,000 each for best hand, machine and long-arm workmanship.  Regardless of how BeDazzleder! places in the final judging, it will be displayed at the show which is expected to draw more than 15,000 people.
"This year's quilts show off the artistry of quilters in traditional as well as innovative techniques." stated the American Quilters Society president Meredith Schroeder.  "Whether you live viewing quilts like Grandma made or want to see what new ideas and designs are being stitched into today's quilts, there will be quilts for everyone to enjoy.  This truly is an art show of quilts."
Quilts were entered from 41 states and seven countries.
Sipes became a finalist after receiving second place at her first-ever competitive quilt show in May.  Then the same quilt received an honorable mention at a show in Ohio in June.
"The Kansas City contest that I attended in May was the first one I've ever been to," she said.  "I had absolutely no expectations and entered my quilt so I could learn something new and get feedback from critics.  I didn't even attend the awards ceremony because everyone told me that I'd never win anything at my first show."
She found out that her quilt placed after seeing a Cirque du Soleil show.
"I had a lot of angry messages on my phone for not being there to receive my award," she said.
Now her novice quilt is stomping on seasoned professionals across the country.  It will be displayed next in Milwaukee in August, in Des Moines in October and in California in January (edit from me, that California part is a mis-print!).
Sipes has only been quilting for two years and she taught herself everything she knows.
"Frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing," Sipes joked.
She has become so engulfed with quilting that it is now her full time job, having completed more than 150 quilts for customers from all over the United States.
**entire paragraph left out :)**
One of her latest blog posts is about "UFOs."  It is not a posting about bizarre objects flying around in space, but about "Unfinished Objects" and the remnants of quilts that are started but never finished.

Well??!!  What do you think?  Pretty neat, huh?
I just have to say, I'm not so sure about the part mentioning my quilt stomping on seasoned professionals, but it's an awesome word-choice, if only it was true!  =]


  1. Excellent! Way to go! YAHOOO!! Yehawww!!!That's is pretty awesome. Congratulations on being selected. :)

  2. Actually, I think it did STOMP, and quite well, too. Well deserved.

  3. That is AWESOME!!! Now have the article professionally photocopied and framed and hang it on your wall for all to see. Toot that horn!!!

    I too suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. Can type effortlessly but when it comes to the spoken word I might as well be an 8-year old!

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! So very proud and happy to know you, now one of these days I'll actually get to meet you!

  4. Good for you! You deserve every single word!!!

  5. Great article and props to you, very exciting!

  6. Wow! Congrats to you! Like pp said you deserve every word of it.

  7. How completely awesome. I still have the newspaper clipping from my Junior High stint as spelling bee competitor. Yours is way cooler :)

  8. Apparently you are just a natural "stomper". ;^) Such a nice little article.

  9. Hey Lisa, what was this article in? I'd love to see the "actual one". :) Congrats!