Friday, August 19, 2011

Please, please, please?!?! And some finishes. :)

Pin It Yaaaaaaaay!!  My friend, Melissa all but threatened me if I didn't enter my Rockin' Robin quilt in the Cruisin' With Riley Blake contest (that's a joke, of course.  But she did tell me I had to enter it!).  I'm not sure how many quilts were entered, exactly but I know there were quite a few.  Doesn't matter.  Mine was chosen as one of ten finalists!!

Usually when I enter a contest, I ask you to go vote period.  Don't vote for me, but vote for your favorite.  Nope.  Not this time.  Please, please, please vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!   

Okay, really vote for your favorite, it would just be awesome if your favorite happened to be mine.  =]

So the other day when I posted my recent finishes, I totally forgot to show you The Blue One!

I made this quilt and wanted it to be super simple so that I could quilt the crap out of it.  And that's exactly what I did!  I made it for a handsome boy whose favorite colors are blue and grey.  I think I got the job done!

Do you like my Vigilance kitty mounted on the top of my quilting machine?  She's always watching.
I did not strip piece this quilt.  I made it from 526 6 1/2" triangle squares.  Why did I do that?  Why did I spend 10 times as long piecing the top as I needed to?  Because it saved me a couple of hours of marking it for quilting.  If there's anything I dislike, it's marking!  And with the triangle squares, I had all of the registration lines I needed to do this:

Each of the triangular curved cross-hatching sections took 90-120 seconds to quilt (yes I timed it).  Each orange peel took anywhere from 2-4 minutes.  I spent a lot of time on this quilt!

Here it is on its new owner's bed.  I surprised him and when he got home from work, he had brand new cotton sateen sheets on his bed, with this here quilt-type-thingy.

For the record, this was the first time I had ever seen one of my quilts ON A BED.  How sad is that?

Anycrap, last night I finished a pretty crazy-awesome customer quilt.  It was pretty basic when she brought it to me, with lots of open space for quilting.  She wanted it quilted like her daughter's tattoo, but basically told me that as long as it had nautical stars, she would be happy.

I got to do some thread-play, y'all!!!!!

I decided that feathers, funkiness, and contrasting (even metallic) thread was the ticket for this sucker.  I LOOOOOOVE it.  But I emailed her pictures and haven't heard anything back so uh, I kinda hope that, you know, she doesn't hate it.  Here it is!
Le front:

Le back:
(Don't mind that in the picture, one of the stars at the bottom right corner is missing its silver reversed echo, I fixed that this morning!)

And close ups of the quilting on the front:

Those pictures suck pretty hardcore and for that, I apologize.  However, the quilt is pretty radtastical if I do say so myself!

Now, I've GOT to get back to work so I can make some progress on my super secret project tonight! 

The link is here!