Monday, November 7, 2011

The goods!!

Pin It Okay.  I'm finally getting around to the Market post.  I started it Saturday, but that was a long day, y'all.  So I scrapped it!  Besides, half of the work was already done for another site!

The awesome ladies over at GenerationQ Magazine asked me to tag along with them to the Schoolhouse sessions and I got to write some snippets of my experiences for them.  Check it out here and comment, tell your friends, etc.  Because I want them to think that I'm rad and ask me for favors more often.  =]

So aside from Schoolhouse sessions, there was tons of fun.  The first day Melissa and I helped Jen of ReannaLily designs set up her (very first!) booth.  If you don't have her book, Deploy That Fabric by C&T, get it NAU.  Even if you don't use military uniforms, the projects are super stinkin' cute!

That night Melissa and I went to dinner with Sarah Vedeler and Susan Brubaker Knapp at what was possibly the best Mexican restaurant I've ever been to! Back to the hotel afterward and Melissa and I both zonked out (I hadn't slept the night before and she had only taken a nap for an hour or two).

Friday was of course Schoolhouse day.  I missed some that I really would've liked to go to but I was either at other Schoolhouses, or they were just too late in the day and I was too tired!  After Schoolhouses was the Fabric 2.0 party.  There, I tracked down Thomas Knauer and told him that while I didn't make it to his Schoolhouse session, I had to meet him.  I was approached by someone from Brewer, where I get all of my notions, telling me that I'm adorable and amazing.  I don't know where it came from, but like I'd turn down compliments like that?  We had to take a picture:

Saturday I spent the day looking at the exhibit quilts and then playing once again with Sarah.  I had totally planned on going to the Modern Quilt Guild meetup in the lobby of the Hilton, but spaaaaaaced it off.  Instead, I spent three hours wandering around downtown Houston by myself waiting for Melissa to finish at one of her appointments so we could EAT!  We went to Sambuca.  It was loud.  That's about all I have to say about it, other than we caught glimpses of Valori Wells and the rest of her clan, along with some Michael Miller people at the same place.  Wonder what they thought of it.  Elvis lip.

Sunday.   What did I do on Sunday?  Oh, yes!!  I looked at all of the competition quilts!  I took over 500 pictures and there's no way I can show you all of them.  I did have a random stranger take my picture with two of Randall Cook's dance panels he created.  They're uh-may-zing.

I apparently missed the people of AccuQuilt oohing and aaahing over my BeDazzled quilt.  One of the ladies from Brewer actually thanked me for making it.  Anyway!  This is a picture of Sarah holding up her BeDazzled, and the CEO of AccuQuilt holding up mine, photo taken by Lee Nakamoto.

I was also able to track down Paula Reid (actually, she found me first!) and snap a picture.  Me with my striped tights and she with her awesome fishnets!

Just as we were grabbing our luggage to head to lunch and then to the airport, we ran into Thomas Knauer again and chatted for a while.  He's such a silly, awesome fella.

And last but not least, Melissa and I FINALLY got our picture taken together!  We realized we didn't have any pictures at all of just the two of us!  Thomas took it.  See?  Good guy.

So that was my Market experience, in a nutshell.  Last year I was so star-struck, I just wanted to get my picture with everyone.  This year I did stop by Anna Maria Horner's booth and apologize for still having thirteen of her quilts to do.  Luckily she said it's fine!  But no picture.  I didn't really get my picture taken with too many people.  Which is unfortunate because all of those pictures from last year?  I had a really terrible haircut!

Anyway, go check out the fun stuff I saw at the Schoolhouses over at GenQ and leave some love.  
It was a BLAST and I can't wait for spring!

I'm not really sure what happened with my HTML making everything at the end all tiny.  But whatevs, yo.

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  1. Sounds like it was a super fab time. I'm mini a little exhausted after all that for you. :-) Well, you should have taken more pics because YOU look fab!! :-)