Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The "oops" blog aka New Dreams

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Last night I spent a whole lot of time writing a blog.  I published that blog.  And then I somehow magically deleted it.  Le sigh.

Luckily, I had the web version of it still on my screen this morning so I took a bunch of screen caps and am going to give my best effort to re-post it!

What a crazy start to 2011!  Wait, no.  It's 2012.  Insanity!

This year has already been filled with a whole bunch of awesome/stress.  I'm currently trying to fill up my planner (yes, I have a planner - a paper one - that I write in - with a pen) with important dates (quilt show dates and entry deadlines, client deadlines, other deadlines, deadlines deadlines deadlines) so that I have somewhat of an idea what my year is looking like.  We're only in the third week and I'm already feeling the pinch.  But that's okay because I'm no sissy.  I'm up for it. 

Speaking of quilt shows and deadlines, it seems like it should be time to retire my BeDazzled quilt, but really it hasn't even been a year since I finished it.  That's just crazy.  I'm currently being tormented by pictures and updates from Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase about the judging and whatnot.  I'm not delusional enough to think that I'll place in this show, but that critique really means a lot to me.  I made a promise to myself that once I get my critique, I'll share it, along with others from shows past. 

I haven't had much of a chance to quilt on the Gammills yet so far this year as a bunch of year-end stuff had to be taken care of first.  I only quilted one quilt between Christmas eve and Saturday.  That was three weeks!  I can't show you that quilt, but I can show you the delicious threads I used on it and maybe you can guess whose it was.  But probably not.  :)

So after basically not quilting for three weeks, I kind of went into hyper-super-freakout-mode on Saturday.  I was a quilting fool!  I did three quilts.  Unfortunately two of them were picked up before I got a chance to photograph them.  But here's my pal Judi's Frolic quilt.  It's not a great picture because I took it in the dark, but it's a cute quilt!

I now have a stack of OTHER quilts that I've completed over the last two days that I need to trim and invoice so that they can be picked up.  Having two machines is proving to be AWESOME!

The other thing I finished on Saturday was my Pear Tree quilt!  It will be sent to Bumble Beans Basics once it's quilted and bound.  However, I'm re-working it first.  Let me explain!  This quilt started out as a pinwheel quilt.  Since I had a bunch of HSTs, I changed my mind and decided to do chevrons, since I'd never made a chevron quilt before.  But then I decided to do chevrons with strip piecing and lots of white.  But then I saw Thomas Knauer's windmill quilt (more on that later) and thought, "Hey!  I've never done windmills either!".  So I decided to combine windmills and chevrons.  I knew before I even sewed the chevron units on that I wouldn't like it.  So they're coming off to get used for something else.  I'll either add more of the solid (Moda's Bella Solid color #60 by the way, one of my favs!) or do something else to the outside. 

Anyway.  The title of this post is "New Dreams" (well, it was the first time it got posted!).  Why?  My super-awesome friend mentioned the other day over coffee that I've achieved everything I had been working for in less than a year.  I hadn't really thought about it, but she was absolutely right.  She said I need to "re-do" my list, because I've already accomplished everything I had on my quilty list.  This is terrifying for me.  I never thought I'd have to re-do my list so soon, and I can't think of a single thing that seems realistic for a goal.  What should my new dreams be?
I've been asked to teach.  That's serious crazy-talk.   I mean I obviously already teach but certainly not on any kind of national level.  Nobody is going to pay me to teach them!  I'm so not there yet.  I know that there are certain things that I know how to do that others would like to learn.  But maybe in like, five years (six months) I'll think about something like that.

Usually, whatever I set for a goal for myself isn't something that I think about before-hand.  It's usually something that just sort of slaps me in the face and then I begin to plan around even the smallest little idea.  But right now I just feel lost, with no direction.  I will continue as I am for now.  I do know that I would like to enter something into Houston before I turn 35.  More on that later, too.  Melissa at Generation Q Magazine thinks I should write a book.  A book about what?  Ha!  Minor details, my lovelies.  Such minor details...  

Basically I have no idea what I want to do next.  For now I think I have a lot of room for improvement and fully intend to suck up the knowledge that my wonderful friends offer me.  I don't have to have a new dream right away, do I?  What the hell am I talking about?  Yes I do!  I'm right on top of that, Rose!

I'll figure it out.  I just have to wait for it to come to me.  I am having loads of fun with things just the way they are.  I seriously cannot wait to gush about the fun things I've been doing the last couple of months. All in due time.

For now, I'll ask:  Have you picked up the February issue of The Quilt Life????!!!!

Oh!  And a couple of my friends and I were joking around today and decided I needed to start recording videos of my quilting.  Little did they know that I'd actually do it!  Unfortunately, taping your cell phone to the handles of your longarm isn't the best idea for several reasons.  Don't get sea-sick if you watch this (but really when the whole display starts waving like the ocean it looks pretty cool!)

Be sure to check back later as I share the Road to California goodness!!!  I already have the news but I've certainly written enough for now.  Besides, gotta keep you in suspense, right?!


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