Monday, January 2, 2012

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

Pin It How do you measure a year?

Wow.  I'm beginning to think that I DO measure a year in cups of coffee!
2011 was pretty much insane and awesome.  The year started off with my kitty in the hospital clinging to life.  After a ginormous (seriously...  ginormous, people) vet bill and a new set of guts, she did see her third birthday.

That was kind of a horrible time.  I cried a lot.  I spent a lot of time at the vet clinic visiting her.  And they even let me stay after hours because I work a lot and couldn't be there during regular business hours and all that fun stuff! So that was the start of 2011. Awesome.

However, Lily came home within the first week of the year and every thing sort of shot upward from there.  I really can't even find words in my super-duper-verbose-noggin to describe how incredible 2011 was as a whole.

I spent a lot of money.  I did a lot of dumb stuff. I did some kind of awesome stuff.
I fell in love.

That was probably the most awesome part of my awesome year. But there were plenty of other awesome things that happened in my awesome year.

I finished my first show quilt.  I won ribbons.  I did quilts for super-duper awesome people.  And I had super-duper awesome people holding me up the entire time that all I wanted to do was fall.

My friend Sheryl has been my rock through all of these crazy adventures.  She is the one that talked me into trying trapunto for the first time (and even mailed me all of her stencils so I could choose my favorite!)

When it came time to quilt my show quilt, I wasn't sure that it was going to be a show quilt.  But Sheryl took care of those doubts by saying, "this quilt needs to be seen".  And you know what?  She was right there by my side at its debut in its first show.

She is that one person that really pushes me to do the things that I want to do, without even knowing that I want to do them.  She is the person that is always in my corner cheering my name.  She is the person that pulls me out of my dark, cavernous hole and makes me slap myself in the face and get over my fears.  She is an amazing person, and has made me a better person just by simply knowing her.  She knows me better than I know myself.  She's in my head.  It's really kind of creepy.  Before her, I never really knew that friends could be so friendly.  She is my best friend.  And I love her.  I love you, Sheryl!

Then there's the boy I fell in love with.  He doesn't know what the hell I'm saying half of the time (quilt speak, you know), but he just rolls with it and supports me in everything that I do.  He tries his best to learn about what I do, he even made the trek to attend that first competition so he could be by my side, too.  I love him.

Then there's Melissa.  She is pretty awesome.  Do you know Melissa?  She's pretty crazy-creative and I'm happy that I get to join her in her journey through the quilty world.  I hope we have a lot more adventures ahead (in fact, I know we do).  Her latest pattern is so ridiculously cute! And I can't find a picture of it.  So I'll post a picture of the one before that.  I quilted it!

And we can't forget Sarah.  She has been such a huge inspiration to me.  She is an amazing designer, and an even more amazing person in general.  Her designs in both quilting and embroidery push me to try things I've never done.  And I actually like the outcome.  Thanks to her, I've started learning to think outside of the box.  She really took a chance on me this year by asking me to make the copy cat of one of her babies, the Quilt Show's 2012 block of the month, Sedona Star.  All in all, I think that experience was probably one of the best I've ever had.  It was insane and grueling and crazy.  But totally awesome.

So here I am, thinking of all of these wonderful things that happened in 2011 and I'm left wondering how 2012 could possibly be any better.  I'm not sure that it can.  But there's always hope. 
I'm collaborating with some pretty awesome people, I'm getting to work on some pretty awesome things, and everything is just pretty awesome in general.

Here's to you, and hoping that 2012 brings you joys a-plenty!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot going on in 2011...hope 2012 treats you great. Thanks for sharing!!! *smile*

  2. Glad to hear that you are back on top of your form, for awhile you sounded pretty down on yourself-but you are an amazing quilter and person and I for one am glad to hear positive things from you once again.

  3. You go!!! 2012 couldn't be anything less than awesome!

  4. Aww shucks. Thanks Lisa. good to see you and Caleb are together again. Aww.

  5. Your work is amazing!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Love seeing you so happy! 2011 was amazing and there is just more of that in 2012. Can't wait to watch your adventures!

  7. Wow, your quilting is...just wow! I would love to see your ribbon-winning quilt in person. Will you be showing it in 2012?

  8. I love you, too! Now go quilt like the wind : )

  9. I'm enjoying your blog! And that's my quilt on the left side of this photo!