Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Are you ready for the news?!  I got an email from Road to California Quilters Conference and Showcase last night right after I finished my din-din.  I told you all I'd share with you my critique from this and other shows, but first I have to tell you a bit of a story.

I know one of the lovely ladies that judged this competition.  Of course she had to remove herself from the judging process since she knew me, but I know her none the less.  When I told her I had entered, she made a remark that I would be lucky to even get accepted.  She didn't necessarily say that I had no chance, but she sort of eluded to it, you know?  She wasn't being hateful about it at all, just trying to prepare me for rejection, I think, more than anything.

Me with my silly quilt at MQS.

I did get accepted and was so happy!  But her comment(s) stuck with me from April of 2011 when I finished the quilt, right up to dropping my quilt off at UPS to ship it to Cali.  The shipment deadline date really sneaked up on me quickly, and because of that I had to send it 2nd day.  When the man told me how much it was going to cost to get it there on time, I told him to forget about it.  Even if I had won 1st place in my category the prize money would've been just a little more than my cost to ship it to and from the show.  I didn't really have my heart in sending it, because I was led to believe it was pointless to do so.

The nice young man at UPS fibbed on my payment slip, putting the measurements of my parcel down as about half the size of what it actually was, thereby cutting my ship-to bill in half.  I could handle that.  I went ahead and did it and off it went.

The most fun of shipping a quilt off to a competition is the wait...................................................

Yesterday around lunch time, Sarah sent me a text to tell me that she spied my quilt in the judging room (she taught embroidery classes at Road this year, how fun is that?!).  I immediately wanted to barf my guts out.  It's a good thing I was able to keep my mind on other things yesterday!  I wondered then, when I would get my critique emailed to me.  They were supposed to be in each contestant's inbox by this evening.

After dinner I saw the email indicator on my phone, and my heart sank when I saw that I did in fact have an email from the show.  I started shaking out of nervousness before I'd even read the first word.  This is what it said:

Dear Lisa;

 Judging for Road to California Quilters' Conference 2012 has just been
completed.  We at Road to California would like to congratulate you on having
your work accepted by our jury  We pride ourselves on selecting from the highest
quality entries for our Showcase.

 Your entry #10131 titled "BeDazzleder!" has been awarded "Excellence in
Computer Assisted Machine Embroidery" by our judges.  You will receive $xxxx.xx
in prize money.  This award was graciously sponsored by Moore's Sewing Center.
 During the judging of your entry our judges made the following observations:

 Overall graphic impact is strong.
 Machine embroidery is very well done with good tension.
 The quilting motifs are extremely well chosen.
 Good use of embellishments.

 Some of the winners of our showcase this year are:

 Best of Show Quilt to Molly Y Hamilton-McNally of Tehachapi CA  for entry
#10149 titled "Everlasting Bouquet".
 Masterpiece to Ellen Heck of Somis CA  for entry #10653 titled "Baltimore in
the Provence".
 Excellence In Longarm Quilting to Sue McCarty of Roy UT  for entry #10346
titled "Harmony Within".
 Excellence In Machine Quilting to Joanne Baeth of Bonanza OR  for entry #10138
titled "Great Blue Herons".
 Excellence in Computer Assisted Quilting to Renae Haddadin of Sandy UT  for
entry #10388 titled "golden snowflake".
 Excellence in Hand Quilting to Betty Ekern Suiter of Racine WI  for entry
#10210 titled "Creation Springs Forth".
So wow.  And Excellence Award???  I wasn't expecting to win ANYTHING, much less one of the top awards?!?!  This was the first project I ever embroidered.  Granted, I did a lot of undoing and redoing throughout the entire process, but obviously it was worth it!  Wow.  So if you know any of the other winners listed (still waiting on the full list, I don't like waiting!), be sure to congratulate them!

Now here are a few of the other things that I've had on my critiques from shows past.  Some of them I will include my own comments to theirs, which will be in parentheses.

National Quilters Association:
-Strong graphic visual design
-Trapunto should be consistently stuffed (It was, it was a solid layer of extra batting!)
-Quilt should lie flat (I block my quilt before EVERY show, so I couldn't help what happened in shipping, it came back home all shriveled up and I was horrified!)
-Piecing is well done
-Use of crystals is appropriate
-Embroidered applique technique is well done
-Machine quilting is well done

Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show:
-Piecing - Excellent
-Applique - Excellent
-Quilting - Excellent
-Quilting Design - Very Good
-Finishing (Binding) - Excellent
-Overall Color and Design - Excellent
Comments:  Exciting visual impact.  Larger applique motifs would have benefited from additional quilting.

I really wanted to share my critique from Machine Quilters Showcase, but I'm not sure where it is.  And AQS doesn't give written critiques back to you.  So there you have it.  It just depends on what each judge for each show is looking for!  (I have since added just a touch more quilting to the larger applique motifs).  :)
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  I am dying to find out what color my ribbon is!  And I get to celebrate over dinner with a friend tonight.  I'm over the moon happy, y'all!


  1. WOW! Congrats, that's way cool. And the quilt is beautiful!!!

  2. Okay, Lisa, that is soooo cool!! I will be there tomorrow to take pictures for you!! Also, this is so ironic... The Best of Show Molly Hamilton, she is from Tehachapi! That where I live! Wow! crazy! Thanks for the good news!

  3. Wow, that is wonderful news, Congratulations! Candy and flowers to that UPS guy.

  4. Congrats!!! All that hard work was worth it!

  5. Congratulations!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!! It's so deserved.

  6. WOW!! I knew your quilt would do great things the first time I saw it. I bought this design pack and just keep looking at it and thinking and thinking and thinking. Maybe someday, lol.

  7. Yay! Congratulations Miss Lisa! I love that quilt on the photo...and did you get the nice UPS man's phone number? ;-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It seriously made my day. We will have to get together at Spring QM and hang out a bit :)

  8. Congratulations. Road is one of the hardest shows to get a quilt in let alone win a big award like you did. Kudos to you.

  9. Oh that is such great news! Congratulations. I love to hear how well it came out after such discouraging words and for such a prestigious show! Very well deserved. (Sewdreamy on TQS)

  10. This affirms all your hard work. Wonderful news! Congrats!

  11. Congratulations! That is amazingly beautiful!

  12. Congratulations! That is amazingly beautiful!