Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm still doing stuff and other stuff and more stuff

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So!  I started writing a blog over a week ago.  As it turns out, you shouldn't let those blog drafts sit around for too long and then go trying to edit them.  Blogger won't do it.  I've spent at least an hour trying to bring that one back to life and it just ain't happening.  So!
I've been doing stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  I've been doing a little of this:

And some of this:

And a little of this:
And some of this:
And a little bit of that:
And it started out like this:

I've also been doing some of this:

NOW, I'm doing this!

Ahhhh, trimming trapunto.  That brings back memories!  I have never done trapunto on anyone's quilt but my own.  On my own, I ended up with a massacre of cuts throughout the entire top.  And on my own it was fine because I could adjust my background quilting, and quilt like hell over any holes.  This is not the case!  So I'm being super duper careful.
"Trimming the Trapunto" also has a new meaning to me, thanks to thoughts of euphemisms, inside jokes and such. 

Next up is this:

Now, just for fun, I found a bunch of pictures on my SD card from when I was quilting Sarah's Sedona Star.  You can see that I ripped out the border quilting because it ended up being hideous.  :)
I decided to go from this:

To this:
And ultimately, this:

Now I need to get back to teaching and quilting and marking and piecing and trimming and designing and... not sleeping.  :) 


  1. LOVE the photos!
    Question - Are you basting at intervals as you load the quilt?

  2. Love, love, love your, of course, all your other quilting! Fantastic!!


  3. @Sheryl, yes ma'am! I baste the entire quilt top square before I start quilting so that I know exactly what I'm dealing with.
    I find a seam that is supposed to be straight, turn on my horizontal channel lock and then move the rest of the seam up or down so that it's straight. :)

  4. I love what you quilted in the white border of the star medallion quilt.

  5. designing and... not sleeping

    So me too.

  6. Lisa your work is always stunning, jaw dropping and amazing!!!!! Ok, can we just talk about the before pic of the one quilt...holy moly is that fullness in there?? Were there puckers when you quilted?? Your feathers there are gorgeous. Pretty sure you are a miracle worker!! :-)

  7. Awesome stuff, lady. I'm super impressed with your skills!