Thursday, March 22, 2012

Less than stellar

Pin It This has not been the best week!  I'm once again working under some really tight deadlines (and people keep changing them and making them tighter, which makes for an unhappy Lisa).  I thought I had it all under control until my body decided to throw me for a loop.

I wasn't going to write a blog about this because it just seems so dramatic, and I've already detailed the whole saga on Facebook, but a Twitter friend (hi Shelly!) had no idea what was going on.  I decided if I put it here, then I won't have to repeat it anymore and I can start to put it behind me.

This past Sunday I came into work with plans of working until five, and then head home to get ready for dinner with a friend.  That friend ended up cancelling, which was really for the best.  Around 3:30 I stepped away from the machine to get a cup of coffee and realized that my shoe was digging into my ankle.  I pulled my (pajama) pant leg up to see what the deal was and wow.  My ankle was swollen up like a balloon!  It was hard to walk.  So I went home and got into bed.

By Monday morning the swelling had spread about half way up my leg and all the way down my foot.  Weird, right?  On Tuesday I thought it was looking better (yes, the picture below is the "better").

And then it got worse again.  Regardless of my own opinion, my friends thought otherwise and urged me to get into the doctor.  Tuesday afternoon I called and made an appointment for Thursday (today).  Then for some reason, I called back and tried to get an appointment sooner, and they fit me in on Wednesday morning.  When I got to the examination room and took off my shoe and sock the nurse said it didn't look so great.  When the doctor walked in he said, quite loudly, "hoooooooooly cruuuuuuuuud", which made me heartily laugh (you have to know my doctor).  He drew blood and basically decided that I have MRSA because a couple of days after the swelling started, I developed lesions, gross lesions in my skin.  He was worried about me becoming septic for some reason (I don't know how that happens, I'm no doctor).  He said that if I had waited for today's appointment, he would've admitted me to the hospital right away for IV antibiotics.  It's a good thing I changed my appointment! I got a shot of something, my leg got zapped in a few places with an infrared light, it got wrapped and I was sent on my merry way with a prescription for some new antibiotic that is supposed to help with the antibiotic-resistant strain of whatever it is that I have. I had to spend the night wondering if I was going to get to come to work today or not, as he was still convinced I'd end up in the hospital.

I had to go back today for a re-check and if it wasn't any better, he was going to admit me.  Luckily, in some areas there was improvement, while other areas are actually worse.  Anyway, I'm getting wordy here.  I have to go back tomorrow and Monday for more re-checks but for now, I'm out of the hospital and have to try my best to remember to take a pill (the pharmacist said it's a double dose strength) twice a day for the next six weeks. The swelling makes working difficult and the aches and chills are no fun at all but...  so much to do!  I hope you all are well.  Hopefully soon I'll have some finishes that I can share with you. If I don't, I will have some very unhappy customers!

Giant thanks to Janet-Lee Santeusanio, Mark Pfeiler, Randall Cook, Teri Lucas, Mary Schilke, Sherry Rogers-Harrison, Janet Bay, Peggy Bass, Arlene Simpson, Becky Glatter and ALL of  my wonderful friends for urging me to go be seen.  I really didn't think it was a big deal and without them basically threatening me if I didn't go to the doctor, who knows how bad it could've been.  I love you guys!

So there you have it (Shelly!).  Now I can get back to work and try to catch up from being miserable and exhausted all week and getting nothing done.  =]
(If none of this made any sense, my apologies.  My brain hasn't been properly functioning lately)


  1. Yes, take very good care of yourself. MRSA is nothing to fool with. I had it once and DH had it 4 times in 3 months last year. It seems he was picking it up at the gym. At the end the Dr has him bathing with bleach once a month, using hebiclens weekly and taking some nasal antibiotic. That seems to have finally gotten it wiped out. I hope yours clears up quickly!

  2. OMG! That's some serious crap! My sister just had a good friend die from necrotizing pneumonia -- that kind of infection ain't nothin' to mess around with -- do NOT forget to take your pills! (And thanks for so kindly filling me in on what's been going on!) Now get back to work -- but take it easy . . . (can you do both of those at the same time?)

  3. MRSA can be really contagious. We've had it in our house, too. DO WHAT THE DOC SAYS!!!!! Otherwise it can be life threatening. Hope you heal quickly.

  4. That just sucks! Maybe you can set the alarm on your phone to drive you insane so you don't forget your pills, or just tell all of us fb junkies and we'll remind you too. Get better fast -- don't even think about deadlines -- you are much more important than next tuesday or whatever, you know what I mean... health first! Happy healthy healing thoughts to you - always!

  5. I am amazed at your dedication to continue working with this serious condition. Take care of yourself, your health is really important.

  6. Oh man! Take care of yourself, lady. I did a microbiology major at university so I have a good idea what you're talking about - glad you got it checked, and I really hope you get better quickly :o)

  7. Take of yourself and DON'T fool around take you medicine!Feel better.

  8. Hugs... Please be mindful of what your doc says. MRSA is not to be messed with. Seriously.

    Hope the oral meds do the trick and the risks/infection goes away.

  9. I follow your blog, and just wanted to wish you well in fighting this off quickly!! Hope everyone in the business end of your life is very considerate of your health status and gives you time to fully heal without pressuring you too much. Feel Better! Love your gorgeous quilts!

  10. So what I am hearing is that even with the threat of loss of life or limb, you still show up at work??? We need to talk!
    Heal fast.

  11. Go take a nap and your meds.