Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mes Amis, The Never-Ending Custom, and some AWESOME

Pin It There are so many things to say about my time in New Orleans, but I think I'll skip it all for the best part of NOLA.
My last day in town was planned ever-so-carefully.  I wanted to wake up early and get to Cafe Du Monde for some awesome beignets and cafe au lait.  Um.  YES.
It was raining that morning (of course) and after parking a few blocks away I stopped at a CVS to buy an umbrella (hot pink) to get me there.  I had actually put some effort into my appearance that day (after looking like a homeless person for the last year or so)!  I wasn't about to let the rain make me wear sad-face.
So Cafe Du Monde?  FREAKIN' RAD.  Any words I try to use to describe it just won't do.  It was awesome.

Now my careful plan gave us a bit of time to scope out a quilt shop that I had found.  Mes Amis Quilt Shop. Oh, I'm so glad I found this place!  We walked in the door and right away we were welcomed.  I mostly walked around and kept silent until I saw this:
You probably have no idea what that is.  But I knew what it was!  It was the pattern that my friend, Melissa made up for McCall's Quick Quilts that I quilted.  And they had it kitted it up!  I got on Twitter and told M right away because I was so excited.  I gasped and jumped up and down and said, "That's meee!".  We talked a bit about Melissa and myself and then they brought out another copy of the magazine and asked me to autograph it (my third autograph!).  They took pictures of me signing it, but then I took a picture of them with it after I had signed it.  :)

I bought a whole buncha Kaffe while I was there (stay tuned for the quilt!) and some Jennifer Paganelli too!  They have this awesome block of the month program for this year, all about New Orleans history.  Guess what the first block is!

Can't find it.  (It's Cafe Du Monde) But here is the quilt!  It's fabulous! 

I saw them several times through the tradeshow (which was the next stop) and I had a blast with them throughout the entire day.  Excellent shop.  Excellent people.  If you are ever anywhere near New Orleans, stop into Mes Amis!  And tell Denise that I said hello!

Now for the never-ending custom. 
I made the terrible mistake of loading Moda's Green Piece block of the month onto Oliver's frame before leaving, thinking that I was superwoman and I'd totally get it quilted before I left.  Yeah, not so much.  So it seemed like it was lingering there FOREVER!  So many thread changes, so many little details, so much time.  I was definitely ready to have it done.  And now it is!
The front...

A close-er up-er of the front...

And the back...

Looking at it now I'm not sure why it seemed like it took so long, but I'm glad it's done because I have plenty more where that came from just waiting to be tricked out in thread.

The awesome?  Well, I can't really talk about any of it.  I think at last count, there are seven bits of awesome that I'm holding in just waiting for the time to reveal each one.  Right about now I'm feeling like the universe is probably playing some sort of cruel trick on me and none of it is real.  Or all of the stuff that is happening will suddenly end in a "just joking!" type of scenario.  All along I've felt like I wasn't really all that good at what I do, but that everyone looking at my stuff was perhaps blind or confused.  Needless to say, all of the stuff that is happening, wouldn't be happening if that was the case.  I couldn't be more thrilled about the things that are waiting for me in the near future.  I'm not trying to tease with things I can't share, which is why I haven't mentioned them.  But I'm nearly to the point of bursting so I just had to share at least that part of it.  :)

Hopefully I'll be back soon.  I do have tons of things that I can write about, just limited time on my computer.  I'm hoping that my Kaffe quilt will be done by the end of the weekend.  I'm afraid it's going to end up being not nearly as awesome in practice as it is in my head but I don't care.  I'm going to sew and that's what matters!


  1. Awesome! Just wondering if when you do burst we'll be able to handle all of the wonderful creativeness that will follow! Can't wait to see the Kaffe quilt!

  2. I've been to NO once, in 2000. I can still taste the Cafe Du Monde goodness. Looking forward to seeing your quilt and hearing about all your awesomes!

  3. That quilt is AWESOME! Can't wait till you can share your other news, too!

  4. Whatever it is, if it has to do with your quilting, YOU DESERVE IT!!!!! Wonderful quilting! Wish I could afford you to quilt my son's quilt this summer. (But then, he might not get to take it to school).

  5. That quilting is seriously amazing dude. You have a major talent, believe it.

  6. You quilt with fire in your belly and a song in your heart. You probably use thread and fabric and stuff too. Fabulous work!

  7. You are seriously talented and need to just believe in yourself more. You deserve all of the good things that are happening to you!