Thursday, March 15, 2012

Must Stop Shop: Lola Pink Fabrics!

Pin It Must stop?  Absolutely, yes. 
Lola Pink is located in Lafayette, LA in a cozy little strip-mall-y type thing with mostly boutique-style shopping and small eateries.  And there's a heavenly brownie shop like, two doors down.  Perfect!  If I worked there I would easily gain 25 pounds thanks to that brownie shop's Reese's Brownie (or the red velvet one.  Yeah, I got two).

So here's a little story.  I follow Lola Pink on Twitter and they also follow me.  However when I'm traveling, (really, it's not just when I'm traveling) all of my sense and logic goes out the window and I didn't even think about the fact that I called it a night in Lafayette on the way home.  I woke up from a terrible night of sleep and went down to the hotel lobby -in my polka dot fuzzy jammy pants and a crappy old hoodie, btw) for my yogurt and coffee and got on my phone to search for nearby quilt shops.  The ol' oil needed to be changed and there was some time to kill.  I nearly inhaled my coffee with a gasp when I realized I was in the home of Lola Pink!

This is what you see when you "arrive at your destination" (thank you, GPS).

Um.  HELLO???
I couldn't get in the door fast enough.

Walking into this shop is kind of like a giant mood changer.  I was all excited and pumped up when I got there and the second I walked through the door I felt differently.  Most certainly not in a bad way.  You cross the threshold into Lola Pink and suddenly everything is serene!  It may be a combination of the gorgeous fabrics, the colors and the decor but whatever it is, you basically feel like you could curl up next to one of the shelves and take a nap.

I have to admit that I'm a little jealous that their Mettler thread display is bigger than mine!

Lola Pink is a mother/daughter venture and I LOVE THAT.  The pictures of the shop may make it look small.  And it is small.  But they make the absolute best of the space they have available to them.  Can you honestly look at this place and tell me it isn't a place you'd love to visit?!

Unfortunately the daughter half of the team (Jen) wasn't there that day (but her sample of the Amy Butler Lotus Tunic was! Which sold me on the pattern...), but once I introduced myself to Janet, we just became a couple of Chatty McChatsters.  We chatted so much that I actually had to abruptly say, "Okay, I seriously need to pick out some fabric."

The only problem with Lola Pink is that you want a little of everything.  Everything.  I think it took me all of seven minutes to come up with my choices - and only because I focused on two lines of fabric-.  It was really hard to only get a yard of each of my prints that I had chosen and I really should've gone with my usual three yards of each.  BUT!  That's the great thing, I can order whenever I want from their delicious online shop!!  I highly suggest that you make a road trip out there, but if it's just not gonna happen, stop by and see what they've got.  You won't be disappointed!  They *always* have something on sale.  Genius!

Here's my Lola stash:

Right?  Seven yards of fabric and three patterns?  What a sissy!  But, this was the butt-end of my trip and I was trying to conserve for just-in-case.  Again, I say...  their website!

Needless to say, Lola Pink is a shop that I will be venturing to anytime I am anywhere near.  Their brick and mortar store is growing ever-so-quickly so I can't see them being in that same location for long ( waaaaaah!!!  Bye-bye brownie shop! ) but what can you really expect from such a hip, happy place to be?

I can't wait to hang out with Janet and Jen in Houston at Market!  It's a DATE, y'all!

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  1. Janet and Jen are the best virtual friends a girl could have!!! We are huge fans!!!! I love the shop and I love that you made it there!!! xo