Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I KILL YOU!!!!!!!! With cuteness.

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You know how we sewists can sometimes get grumpy when we haven't gotten a chance to sit down at our machines for a bit?  Yeah.  That would be me.  I haven't sewn in a looooooong time, y'all.  Long time.  With the exception of the cute bag I made out of Thomas's Flock line of fabric.  But that was still quite some time ago.

You've never seen it, right?  Yeah, that's because I'm a loser and forget to blog about it.  But it's awesome.  The interior has huge pockets because it started out as a messenger style laptop bag, but I just kept making it smaller and smaller.  It'll be nice to carry at market.  I've already managed to get off topic.

So I was grumpy because I hadn't sewn in a while.  Like, I-want-to-rip-someone's-face-off grumpy.  Adding to the grump was the fact that I have so much to do before Market that I literally screamed once.  Only the once.  I swear.

With everything there is to do, I was convinced I couldn't possibly make time for sewing.  So what did I do?  I scheduled one of my sew-ins.  That way other people would be coming, I would be playing hostess, and I would have to sew.  Good plan right?  Yes.

So the fabric line that I was working with this time is Thomas's Savanna Bop.  Are you familiar with Savanna Bop?  You should be.  It's freakin' CUH-YUTE!  It's so easy to play with this fabric because you just want to squeeze it. 

I had already digitized some designs from Thomas's fabric for embroidery (he was awesome enough to provide me with some jpgs to digitize off of) and done a couple of stitch outs, and I wanted to make them into pillows.  That was my first order of business for Friday.
The first one I did some piecing around the embroidery, and the second I added raw edge ruffles around the embroidery.  Then I threw them both on Gammill #2. (I've learned my lesson about using yellow thread for outlines, you really can see it in person, I promise)

I haven't actually gotten them made into pillows yet, but sewing them together is the easy part. Of course then I also have to make the pillow forms to put in them (it's not cheap, it's resourceful!).

Once I got those done I decided to embroider a bunch more of those animals.  I took the wings off of and re-digitized the giraffe, I took one of the elephants from the elephant pillow, and one of four rhinos that I had digitized for another design and made them all the same size.  I stitched out three of each animal, and each one with a different color combo coordinating with the fabric.
I decided that I like the way that first pillow came out so much that I'd use that as the block design for a quilt.
I wish I didn't have such an obsession with adding that 3-d frame thing to nearly everything that I do because they're so time consuming.  But I suppose it's a good obsession to have because the frame really does add quite a bit to the look of the block.  By midnight Saturday night, all of the blocks were embroidered, framed, pieced together and made into a quilt top.
Sunday morning I started right away with some question marks I had digitized and embroidered for the back.  I got the back pieced and loaded up on Gammill #2 by around noon or one and started quilting away.
Can I just say it?  I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!!
So here you go.  What do you think?  I might have to hang it on my wall once it comes back from where it's going to.  Don't mind the crooked photo or the ugly backdrop.  That would be my blocking boards for blocking quilts!

And now here's the back.  Before I show you, I have to say you're probably going to wonder why I didn't bother making the question mark blocks the right size so that they would be centered with the blocks on the top.  But I wanted it that way.  That's why they're questions marks.  I didn't want to spend too much time thinking about the back.  I needed to get it pieced and quilted by the end of Sunday otherwise it never would've gotten done.  So I thought the question marks with the funky placement was perfect!
Oh!  And also don't mind that other quilt under the Savanna Bop quilt.  That's one that had to come off one of the frames so I could work on another.  You'll see more of that later.  For now just pretend it's not there.  :)

So that's how I spent my weekend.  Making probably the cutest quilt I've ever made.  Ever.  Thomas says it's "punk adorable".  I like that description.
What say you?  Did I make good use of my sewing time?
Now back to finishing quilts in a mad dash before leaving for Market!
Who else will I see there?


  1. Freaking wonderful! Adorable! Killed me with cuteness!

    Amazing. Me likey much.

  2. Positively cute-dorable! And I'm not a real cutesy person... but I like it! You sewed your time wisely!

  3. Awesome. Love the applique/quilting enlarements!

  4. This is just too cute for words! You always amaze me by your sheer talent.

  5. That is just gorgeous! You made awesome use of your sewing time. Be nice to yourself and do it more often, especially if you create awesomeness like that!

  6. You knocked it outta the park. Wow!!!!

  7. VERY good use of your sewing time. Cute, cute quilt.

  8. Definitely killed me with cuteness - in the best way possible. ;)