Friday, May 25, 2012

A kinda-sorta Market Recap

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Ooooooooh, my lovelies.  I wish you all could've been at Market with me to share in the fun.  Some of you were.  And it just tickled me to be walking down an aisle and have some of you come up to me and tell me that you read my blog.  People really ARE reading this drivel!  YAY!
One of you even drove alllll the way to Kansas City JUST to meet me.  I think you're insane, but I love you anyway and I'm glad that we were able to connect.

I realized yesterday that I don't have a whole lot to share with you because *gasp*!  I only took 15 pictures the. whole. time.  But I will share some of them with you!
Everyone says that Market is all about business, business, business.  And it absolutely is.  But who says that business can't also be fun?  Because Market?  It's FUN.  Ask anyone that went to the Modern Quilt Guild Meetup!
Market was -again- fun, and so fantastic in so many ways for so many people.  The debut issue of Generation Q in print form was hugely successful!  The booth was always busy.  I think that could've been in part due to the candy cigarettes, but mostly because it was a little corner of awesome.
I have done some quilting for Megan of The Bitchy Stitcher fame, and she is also the Creative Director of GenQ.  I absolutely adore her, and had never met her.  I think I let out such a high-pitched squeal when she showed up in the booth that only dogs could hear.

I was holding onto her so tightly that she may have lost a few brain cells due to lack of oxygen.  Sorry, Megan!
I got to hang out a lot with my BFF, Thomas.  We had a blast!  I followed him around the show floor and he introduced me to a lot of people that I hadn't met yet.  Including Jo Morton, who gushed about my quilting on this quilt of Thomas's.

That... was awesome.
While walking the floor, the wonderful ladies of American Patchwork & Quilting decided that they needed to get a picture of Thomas and myself with our magazine cover.  I'm so very thankful for that, otherwise Thomas and I wouldn't have gotten a picture together!

Not only did we get to see the cover (and autograph them for each other), but I got to see the actual quilt again, as Andover Fabrics had it hanging in their booth.

They also hung my Savanna Bop quilt in their booth!

David Butler (rawr!) came to hang out with us for a bit in the GenQ booth and steal some magazines to have in Amy's booth...

And Melissa's (very first!) booth was so perfectly perfect that it almost hurt to look at its perfection!

Seriously awesome.
That's all of the pictures I have to share.  But I got to do tons of other fun things.  I met up with and hung out with Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts, Victoria Wolf of Bumble Beans Basics (she's even more gorgeous in person), Rob Appell recognized me at the MQG meetup (squea!) so I chatted him up for a while, Anna Maria Horner was calling me "Princess Lisa" the whole time, there really are just too many things to mention them all.
And now I'm working on some really freakin' cool things and I can't wait to share them.  Before I can share them I need to really put my pedal to the metal and figure out what, exactly I'm doing!
For those of you that I ran into at Market, thank you for letting me know that you read this junk I put on this here bloggy thingy!  And for anyone that missed it, I promise it was a totally sucky experience.  ;P
Soon I will have a new client quilt finish to share with you.  I started quilting it on my birthday (Tuesday, I'm 31 now!).  And it's a doozy!


  1. What a lovely post QM round up to read while I'm fighting with oh you didn't cut enough this, that, and those. lol.

    Yes, I read your drivel (not either)and love your sense of humor popping through.

    Now I need to find that magazine (GenerationQ) and purchase it.

  2. Melissa's booth does look amazing!

  3. First...Happy Birthday! Second, I too love what you've done with Thomas's quilt. Perfect for this quilt. I would never have thought to do that. Just beautiful.

  4. Great recap... I'm glad it was such an awful experience. I look forward to one day walking a show together all while trying to not get kicked out for noise, arm-talking, shear craziness, and all that "stuff"!

  5. The only sad thing about Market is we didn't get pictures together. Next time.
    It was great meeting you in person.

  6. I may not always comment, but I always read your blog. Love that you had fun at Market :)

  7. I loved hanging out with the QuiltPrincess! You are so lovely. I hereby adopt you as my little sister :)

  8. Happy! Happy Birthday! Celebrate all week!

  9. I'm so jealous about Market.....would have LOVED to be there! and to hang out with you!

    You have such a fun blog, who wouldn't read it???? Happy, wonderful (albeit belated) birthday to one Crazy Quilty Girl!!!

  10. wow just found your blog from a photo I shared on FB.. wow...just wow.. I recognise and remember seeing you at market and wondering who you were... go girl.. fantastic quilting.... 3 years?? just wow