Monday, July 30, 2012


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So when I wrote my last post with my super exciting (to me) announcement, I was actually wanting to post a featured artist with it.  Blogger decided to suck for the day and cut off half of the text.  I'm going to wait and post that later once I've forgiven Blogger.  :)  For now, I'm going to share some more quilts!
First up is Steph's Tornado Alley.  I'm sure you remember her Crop Circles quilt.  Tornado Alley is a pattern from the same book, Circle Quilts by Colleen Granger.  I decided to take a much simpler approach with Tornado Alley.
I did it sort of on a whim.  My schedule is completely PACKED between now and December, or even March, but I wanted to surprise Stephanie and have it completed to deliver to her while I'm in KC in a couple of weeks.  Every bit of the quilt is quilted in a specific way for a specific reason, though it may not appear that way to anyone outside of my brain.  :)

Then there's Candi's hexies.  I met Candi at Market in KC.  I have to admit that when she told me about this quilt, I just couldn't picture it in my mind.  When I took it out of the box after she mailed it to me, I was totally enthused and confused!  How the crap was I going to quilt this thing?!  When I get a quilt top where it doesn't hit me right away how it wants to be quilted, I pin it to the wall to stare at it.  Except with this quilt, as soon as I pinned it to the wall and stood back to look at the whole picture, it was only five seconds later that it came back down because I knew what it wanted.  Or at least what I thought it wanted.  I'm not the judge of that.  :)

The first step was to quilt curved frames.  The frames around the entire outer edge of the quilt were done with curved cross hatching and the frames throughout the quilt center were done in feathers.  But I didn't want just any CCH and feathers.  I wanted the quilting to disappear behind the hexies, to make it look like the hexies were put onto the quilt AFTER it was quilted.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it took about two days just to do the frames, CCH and feathers.  Then it was time to BUBBLE!! That took a whole day by itself.  Intense.  It was an intense day of quilting.  I'm still not sure that my fingers have recovered from how badly they were abused!

Words cannot express how much I LOVE Candi's hexie quilt!

Then there's Jen's Swoon Quilt-A-Long quilt!  I've never met Jen, but I have met her Mama!  On my way home from New Orleans, I stayed a night in Lafayette, LA.  At breakfast the next morning the first thing I did was get on my phone and look for quilt shops around me.  I followed these ladies on Twitter, and they followed me, but I didn't realize they were in Lafayette!  I hauled ass across town to go visit Lola Pink.  Seriously the cutest shop ever!!!  When I walked in, I was greeted by Janet, the mother of the mother/daughter team.  Jen was unfortunately out that day!  Janet didn't know who I was.  But I told her, and holy wow we were so engaged in conversation after that, it was like nobody else existed!  We talked a bit about quilting and exchanged cards.  When Jen asked if I would quilt her Swoon, all I could do was swoon!  I LOVE THIS QUILT!  It hasn't been sent back to Louisiana yet.  I may or may not keep it to bring with me for when I speak at MoKan Longarm Quilters Guild on August 16th!

I even took video of me quilting this one!  It's a really boring video.  It was more for the people that think I 1) "make quilts" all day, or 2) quilt computerized. 

That's all I've got for now that I can share.  Always more fun stuff to come!


  1. Love, Love, Love! Really love the little unquilted edge around the pebbling on Tornado Alley -- looks almost like ribbon in the picture! Awesome work!!!

  2. Wonderful again. The tornado has great swirling winds, the hexies 'pop' and the swoons 'swoon'. Have a great time in KC.

  3. You are so awesome. I could look at your quilting all day - amazing!

  4. Love them all, but what you did with the hexies is pure genius.

  5. Great work, as always. Love the hexy quilt. Looks like you've been busy! I've missed talking to you!

  6. Oh my gosh!! I love the hot pink background quilting in the Tornado Alley and the Hexi quilt!! You can never show too many pictures of your quilting. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. Sigh. So. Much. Awesome. I could stare at all that quilting all day :o)

  8. I found your blog address on your fb and read some of your blog posts. I'm almost wordless about your beautiful work! Lots of inspiration for a "wannabe" like me :-)
    Wish you a great day :-)
    Hugs from Norway,

  9. OMG... Once I get my mouth closed and stop goin oooooohhhhhhhh I might be able to say something more then point and say ooooohhhh would you look at that!!?!?!!

  10. These are so you keep track of how many of the quilts you have quilted win blue ribbons? I bet there are many!

  11. More lovely quilting, Lisa. Good work to you and the ladies who made the quilt tops.

  12. You do amazing quilting... I am totally inspired..