Thursday, January 3, 2013

In The Spotlight!

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A few months ago I wrote to you all about my teaching at Machine Quilters Exposition in Manchester, NH.  In the time since then, the show owners have given the show a facelift, and a new name!  So now, I will be teaching at New England Quilt Festival in Manchester, NH!
This is a great show and I'm really excited to not only be teaching there, but to get to view all of the beautiful quilts by some of the top artists in the world - not only in the competition, but also the exhibits they will have this year.
I've also been meaning to post a list of my classes and descriptions, but NEQF made that really easy for me this time around!  How?  I'm in the Teacher Spotlight in the current newsletter.
By clicking that link, you will see a rundown of both my embroidery and longarm classes.  Within the newsletter is a link to the full descriptions of each of the classes.  It's going to be so much fun! 
I really hope some of you plan to join me (us) as we are going to have a blast (and if you will be coming - I LOVE HUGS).

One of my classes, From What? To WOW! Epic Quilt Creation is going to be one of my favorites.  So often when I quilt a quilt, people ask me how in the world I came up with the quilting ideas.  In this class, you will find out how! 
And just for the fun of it, I'm going to share another sample I recently finished for the class.

It's one of my favorites!
I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year!
Stay tuned, I've got a couple more fun and exciting announcements.  Baby steps!  :O)


  1. wow, that is some INTENSE quilting!! do you have any idea how many hours?

  2. Hey, are you coming to the Int'l Quilt Festival in June, in Chicago?
    Unfortunatly, there won't be any classes at this show (maybe next year), but, if you come, I'll find a way to meet you there.