Friday, May 28, 2010

Guess who's finally getting around to "the Market post"?? (Buttload of pictures enclosed)

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I promised a friend of mine that I was going to post this last night.  Unfortunately (well, really *fortunate for me*) I fell asleep around 7pm last night and didn't wake up until 5:30 this morning!  Wow, much needed sleep and rejuvenation.

Before I  continue on this post, I should mention that I am now a "professor" for the Riley Blake Cutting Corners College.  My first post hasn't gone up yet, but Melissa and I both took our items so that the powers that be at Riley Blake could have them for their booth.  We were so excited for that!  But I can't show you pictures of mine in the booth just yet, as the tutorial won't be going up until June.

Anyway, Market... was... a BLAST!  I'm not going to write anything about Melissa's  fabric because 1) It's not my place, and 2) you can read all about the excitement on her blog!

So yeah.  We got into Minneapolis, stopped off at the hotel to drop off our luggage and then headed straight for the convention center to check out Sample Spree (which should really be changed to Sample Stampede because holy shnikes!).  As we were walking in the door, a woman stopped me and pointed in my bag and said, "That's my fabric!!!"  I thought I was in some kind of trouble!  Turns out that it was Emily Taylor, the designer behind Felicity for Riley Blake, which was my fabric for my tutorial!  It was the most random and coincidental thing!

That's Emily showing off her newest line, Domestic Diva.  

The girls (meaning Marie and Christy) just went nuts at Sample Spree.  Melissa and I were a bit more conservative.  The only thing I actually bought was a cone of Sulky 30wt quilting cotton (which I just used on a Riley Blake quilt and love).  The girls got some great deals and were thrilled!
We headed back to the hotel for some shuteye and got up bright and early the next morning for the madness.  
Now, I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of details of every booth I went to, every person I talked to, everything I bought...  I will just show you the awesome pictures!

Amy Butler?  She's a giant!  But in my defense, she was wearing some (awesome) heels and I was in flip-flops!  She is SO nice. 

Valori Wells?  Yeah I bumped into her in an aisle and was so close to stopping her, but I'm glad I didn't.  Turned out she was on her way to lunch so I found her afterward in her booth!  She's super nice too.  I mentioned the article on her and her mommy in the Quilt Sampler and how they have their yarn displayed.  She told me to email her and she'd send me close-up photos!
 I also met up and had lunch with my super friend, Sarah Vedler.  I love her accent and she's so funny!
 Sandi Henderson and her husband have to be the *cutest* couple ever.  I've never seen a husband so supportive of his wife!  She also signed my copy of her new book, and the inscription reads:  "To Lisa, the cutest gal at Market!"  haha!  She liked my pink/blonde/black hair...

 Anna Maria Horner is sweet too, and maaaaaan does she look good for having a 1 year old little munchkin!  Her book is just as awesome as she is and to tell you the truth, it makes me really sad I can't have anymore babies and make myself the awesome things in it.  However, that's what friends are for!
 Now, throughout the entire show I kept walking around, seeing quilts and table runners and jackets and skirts and dresses and everything you could think of out of Heather Bailey's fabrics.  It was getting really depressing because I wanted to meet Heather Bailey!  She's the last person that we saw before we left that day!  I felt like a total dork walking up to her sheepishly asking for a picture but I wasn't about to lose the chance!
 I squeal everytime I look at any of these pictures, just so you know!
I was really disappointed that I never could find Linda Lum DeBono or Mark Lipinski, but I suppose there will be other Markets.
I also took pictures of my favorite quilt exhibits.
This, is my absolute favorite.  It's just pure perfection, and I want it!
This one I adore because, well...  how could you not?!  The colors are so vibrant and cheery.
 This is a funky one that I just fell in love with because of the design and colors.
 Now this one gets the honor of having two photos posted, because seeing the full shot does it no justice.  The thread painting on this piece is remarkable!

Yowza!!  And look at the detail on this one too!

Sooooooooooooo anyway...  That's my Market experience in a nutshell.  There aren't really words to describe it, I highly suggest jumping allover the opportunity if it should come along!

So I'm wondering, who is your favorite fabric designer?


  1. You're forgiven! LOL Thanks for the pictures!

  2. holy cow! I can't believe those last quilts. The talent of people amaze me. You included. Glad you had a great time. And Anna Maria is right, you're super cute! Love all the pics.

  3. Those are such beautiful quilts. Looks like you had an amazing time! :)