Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why I chose Spring Market above all others...

Pin It I want to mention that I wasn't going to post anything new to the blog until all of the bugs were fixed and my page no longer looked so wonky.  The problem is that I have things to say!  So for now, I will post and keep checking to see if I get this (or other variations of bX-(insert error extension here) every time I try to fix anything:
I will also say that this is better than the alternative problems Blogger users seem to be having right now.  Which is Blogger Bots marking their blog as SPAM and DELETING them.  I hope my readers are forgiving enough to overlook the wonkiness for now.
Anyhoo, back to the point...
I have been getting a lot of questions about why I'm not attending MQS this year.  Right now I should be arriving in Kansas City ready to take full advantage of all that IMQA has to offer.  My friends are scratching their heads in wonder as to what could be the reason for my not going.
I will miss seeing my wonderful friend, Sheryl.  She has been such an inspiration and source of support over the last year or so.  Without her nudging I would have probably never tried trapunto, which has become one of my favorite things to do.  And I'm also being asked to teach trapunto classes now.  She's an amazing person, inside and out!  Her ideas and creations are so beautiful.  She hasn't only helped me with quilting, she is also the first person I told of my medical issues and that I was having a hysterectomy, and she supported me through that.  I was so looking forward to seeing her this trip (Sheryl, if you're reading this, I have a gift headed your way that I dropped off at the post office this morning!).  I am even supposed to be spending tonight at a Rodrigo y Gabriella show with Sheryl and MY HERO.
Who is my hero?  The one and only Karen McTavish.
I was going to use a different picture so you could see her awesome sleeve tattoos (Victorian feathers), but decided to play it safe and use an "official" photo.  Karen is a huge driving force in the quilting world and also helped me through trapunto.  I have never taken a class, but her books and DVDs were an immense help in that journey.  I can't count the number of times I emailed or commented to Karen and Sheryl needing help and they were happy to offer their expertise.  Karen is also an inspiration in more ways than just quilting.  This woman has been through so, so much and has overcome more adversity than probably anyone I know. 
I'm heartbroken that I can't go to the show and spend the evening with these two.
I won't get to see Steve from Tomorrow's Heirlooms.  We bought our quilting machine from him, he is my go-to-guy for all things Gammill, and he's also my buddy.
I won't get to take my class with Dawn Cavanaugh that I was really looking forward to.
I won't get to stock up on all of my favorite quilting supplies from The Gadget Girls.
I won't get to see Claudia Pfeil, who comes to MQS all the way from Germany.  And I won't get to see her Cordoba quilt for this year's South Of The Border theme in person.
Pictures just do her quilts no justice.  Here is her quilt for Fire & Ice from last year, which had over 5,000 crystals on it:
There are many, many things I will be missing at MQS this year.  But that doesn't take away from my excitement for Market in Minneapolis.
Why am I going? 
I talk a lot about my wonderful friend, Melissa.  She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and her creativity is just amazing!  Melissa has let the cat out of the bag, so now I'm going to do the same. 
Melissa has designed her own fabric line.  She has appointments set up with several fabric companies at Market.  She asked me to go, along with two others and make stuff out of her fabric that she had printed independently.  So most of the things I've been making lately that I couldn't show you?  Yeah, it had to do with that.  The four of us are leaving on Thursday, and coming back on Saturday, which happens to be my birthday!  I'm more than happy to give up MQS to go along with her and be there for her for support and anything she may need!  And honestly?  I'm flattered that she asked me.  This is a truly exciting time for her and I'm so glad that I can be a part of it.
Other positives to this venture?
I will get to see (and am planning to have lunch with) my friend, Sarah Vedeler who is an embroidery designer.
I will get to see Alex Veronelli, the God of Aurifil thread.
I will get to shake hands with Linda Lum De Bono, a sweet as pie designer.  Also Alex Anderson, and too many others to list.  No word yet on whether or not Mark Lipinski will be there, with his current medical issues.  Maybe I'll even see the cutie that works for TroyCorp that I met at Fabriganza last year.
I will get to meet Cindy and the rest of the forces behind Riley Blake Designs (who I just got a package from because the Brown Santa loves me!), so that's the end of this post!
While I am sad about all of the wonderful things I am missing by not going to MQS, I couldn't trade going to Market for anything.  And I think you all would agree that the four of us are going to have an amazingly fantastical time! 


  1. I am SO not part of the quilting loop that I understood, like, 25% of that. BUT I think it's beyond awesome that you are going with Melissa. And I cannot wait to see her fabric and what you've done with it. Super cool.

  2. Awww, Sabra I should've thought of that, huh?! haha! Oops. Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about it and so not prepared to leave!

  3. Hey Lisa. I'm so happy we are going together but also sad I'm keeping you from MQS. Boo! But we will have a blast, huh?

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