Friday, May 6, 2011

All kinds of exciting junk all over the place!

Pin It For anyone that doesn't know, I am attending Machine Quilters Showcase next week (leaving tomorrow!).  It is a yearly convention and quilt show put on by the International Machine Quilters Association.  THIS SHOW is why I've been so insane for the last few months.  I have never done a show quilt for competition before, and this is it.  This is my first competition that I'm in.

But I'll get to all of that later.  Right now, I have an announcement!  My friend Sheryl, in the KC area is going to be my gracious host for the week.  She's come up with all sorts of fun stuff for us to do (again, I'll get to that in a minute).  If you are local to the KC area, know people that will be in town for the show, etc. please pass this along!

Sheryl has planned a Flash Mob of Quilts for Saturday, May 14th.  What is a Flash Mob of Quilts?  Well, here.  Let me copy and paste her email for you!
Join us in creating the largest patchwork of quilts EVER!

Objective:  Cover the north lawn of the Cleveland Chiropractic College with quilts to celebrate the IMQA being in town. 

Saturday, May 14th, 9 a.m to 11 a.m. (weather permitting)

Show up at 10850 Lowell Avenue, Overland Park, KS beginning at 9 a.m.

Bring as many quilts as you can (and don't mind if they are on the grass)

Layout the quilts on the north hillside facing I-435 to make one hugh patchwork of quilts.

Photos taken at 10:45

Pick up your quilts and head to the IMQA Show

Questions?  Contact me at

Spread the word!  

Thank you to the college for allowing us this opportunity.

So there you have it!  I will be taking SEVERAL of my quilts with me for this event.  I'm also taking quilts for other people that want to be a part of it, but won't be there themselves.  If you can think of anyone that might want to take part, please pass this info along.  If you're local TO ME and would like to participate, just bring me your quilts and I'll load them up with mine.  It should be pretty cool!  I know the the KC area MQG members will be participating, let's see how far we can spread the word.

As far as the rest of the week, I have a pretty action-packed schedule during the show.  I turn 30 (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!) in two weeks, so the week of the show is what I'm calling my birthday week.  Just a little in advance!

We will be going to Sarah's of Lawrence, a quilt shop that I've been dying to go to but have never made it.  We will be going to the International Quilt Study and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska to see the French whitework exhibit (something else I've been dying to see).  We might make it to the Orchid Cave.  We purchased our tickets months ago for Cirque du Soleil!  And that's just all of the stuff outside of the show!

At the show I'll be taking classes, volunteering to help the judges judge the quilts, selling tickets for special events, and SHOPPING! 

Since the deadline has passed for shipment of the quilts that will be in the show, I have decided to share a few pictures of my finished (completely) quilt, with all of the crystals all over it.  I'd recommend clicking the pictures to make them larger so that you can see the detail and how much stitching went into this quilt (about 8,000 yards of thread, just in the quilting).


Is it okay for me to quietly admit that my excitement JUST turned into nervousness?  Like, just now?  Like, right ^^^ up there?

Oh well.  It's birthday week!  No sad faces!!!  =]


  1. Have fun at MQS. Your quilt is beautiful!

  2. Absolutely incredibly amazing. Those crystals are gorgeous! I'm so glad I got to see the final quilt.

  3. Calm! Calm!
    I know it is the hardest thing ever, but if you don't you'll be a wreck by the time the show starts!
    It is going to do awesome! I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!
    What category is it in?

  4. LOVE the quilting and embellishment!! And, of course, the quilt itself is amazing!!

  5. Good Luck!!!

    I hope you bring home the BIG one~!~!~! Your imagination alone is AWESOME, but them to actually get it done. WOWIE WOW

  6. Ahh. It's gorgeous! I'll bring you some quilts.

  7. Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy it. 30 was a good year for me. The quilt is great! Have fun!

  8. Have fun and enjoy your birthday. Love your GO! Be Dazzled. Excellent quilting and use of crystals. Great job!


  9. Gorgeous quilt. I'm pulling for you to come home with honors......looks like you deserve some. Lots of work went into that beauty!