Monday, July 30, 2012


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So when I wrote my last post with my super exciting (to me) announcement, I was actually wanting to post a featured artist with it.  Blogger decided to suck for the day and cut off half of the text.  I'm going to wait and post that later once I've forgiven Blogger.  :)  For now, I'm going to share some more quilts!
First up is Steph's Tornado Alley.  I'm sure you remember her Crop Circles quilt.  Tornado Alley is a pattern from the same book, Circle Quilts by Colleen Granger.  I decided to take a much simpler approach with Tornado Alley.
I did it sort of on a whim.  My schedule is completely PACKED between now and December, or even March, but I wanted to surprise Stephanie and have it completed to deliver to her while I'm in KC in a couple of weeks.  Every bit of the quilt is quilted in a specific way for a specific reason, though it may not appear that way to anyone outside of my brain.  :)

Then there's Candi's hexies.  I met Candi at Market in KC.  I have to admit that when she told me about this quilt, I just couldn't picture it in my mind.  When I took it out of the box after she mailed it to me, I was totally enthused and confused!  How the crap was I going to quilt this thing?!  When I get a quilt top where it doesn't hit me right away how it wants to be quilted, I pin it to the wall to stare at it.  Except with this quilt, as soon as I pinned it to the wall and stood back to look at the whole picture, it was only five seconds later that it came back down because I knew what it wanted.  Or at least what I thought it wanted.  I'm not the judge of that.  :)

The first step was to quilt curved frames.  The frames around the entire outer edge of the quilt were done with curved cross hatching and the frames throughout the quilt center were done in feathers.  But I didn't want just any CCH and feathers.  I wanted the quilting to disappear behind the hexies, to make it look like the hexies were put onto the quilt AFTER it was quilted.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it took about two days just to do the frames, CCH and feathers.  Then it was time to BUBBLE!! That took a whole day by itself.  Intense.  It was an intense day of quilting.  I'm still not sure that my fingers have recovered from how badly they were abused!

Words cannot express how much I LOVE Candi's hexie quilt!

Then there's Jen's Swoon Quilt-A-Long quilt!  I've never met Jen, but I have met her Mama!  On my way home from New Orleans, I stayed a night in Lafayette, LA.  At breakfast the next morning the first thing I did was get on my phone and look for quilt shops around me.  I followed these ladies on Twitter, and they followed me, but I didn't realize they were in Lafayette!  I hauled ass across town to go visit Lola Pink.  Seriously the cutest shop ever!!!  When I walked in, I was greeted by Janet, the mother of the mother/daughter team.  Jen was unfortunately out that day!  Janet didn't know who I was.  But I told her, and holy wow we were so engaged in conversation after that, it was like nobody else existed!  We talked a bit about quilting and exchanged cards.  When Jen asked if I would quilt her Swoon, all I could do was swoon!  I LOVE THIS QUILT!  It hasn't been sent back to Louisiana yet.  I may or may not keep it to bring with me for when I speak at MoKan Longarm Quilters Guild on August 16th!

I even took video of me quilting this one!  It's a really boring video.  It was more for the people that think I 1) "make quilts" all day, or 2) quilt computerized. 

That's all I've got for now that I can share.  Always more fun stuff to come!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A VERY long-kept secret!

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Sooooooooooo way back in January when Melissa of GenQ and I were on the phone doing my interview for the web version of the magazine, she began to ask me about my "quilter's bucket list".  She asked me what was next.  I started thinking about it and I really had no idea.  That was the point when I realized that everything that I wanted to achieve, I had already done in my three measly years.  Melissa said, "I think you should write a book!"  What was I supposed to write a book about?  She didn't know.  She's just convinced that I need to write one.
I started tossing around ideas for what I could add to my bucket list that would be realistic goals, but nothing seemed that it was realistic at all and I basically had decided that I wasn't going to add anything to my bucket list, but that I would just let things happen as they're supposed to. 
Then while I was in New Orleans in February, I was walking the show floor during the opening day festivities and my phone boinged at me.  I got an email from Mary.  Mary who?  Mary Schilke, co-founder of Machine Quilters Exposition.  In that email, Mary asked me if I would ever consider joining the staff at their show as a teacher.  WHAT?!  I'd only been quilting three years!  There's no way people would want to learn anything from me!
Then I started thinking about it and realized how many times I've been asked by people to teach them what I do.  And I agreed.
Not only am I teaching classes on the longarm, but I'm also teaching EMBROIDERY classes.  Offered for the first time ever at MQX!  So not only have I been busy with customer quilts and designer quilts and shop hops and blah blah blah, but I've been SUPER busy prepping my proposals for the show.  I will be teaching a minimum of six classes.  I can't tell you exactly what they are yet because the schedule isn't out yet (contracts for teachers haven't even been sent out yet but I couldn't wait any longer).  When the schedule is available I will be sure to let you know.
If you're in the area - and even if you're not, I hope you'll hop out to MQX to enjoy the beautiful quilts, the excellent vendor mall and maybe even take some classes from the super awesome teachers on the bill (I'm totally not including myself as a super awesome teacher though).
That's one of my BIG pieces of news.  I've been dying to share it for nearly six months!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quilts! Finally some quilts!

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I've been busy, huh?  Running my mouth about my thoughts and feelings and fun things going on and I haven't given you much quilty goodness lately.  Except for of course, Crop Circles, which will forever be one of my favorite quilts.

Can you really blame me???
I have been so busy that I haven't had a lot of time to organize a post with pictures and information and stuff.  You know?  Not only that, but I haven't really been able to actually photograph many of the quilts I've done.  I'm always in a rush to get the next one on the frame (one-woman-assembly-line, right here) and my customers are always in such a rush to pick up their babies that it just seems like the time to take pictures gets forgotten.  But I do have a few to share with you!

First up is a Sharman's Vintage Garden.  For anyone that doesn't know, Sharman's Vintage garden is an AMAZING embroidered quilt designed by Simon and Jenny Haskins.  This quilt was the first quilt top that I quilted when I got back from Market.  In May.  Yeah.  It was so big (120" square) that it was almost impossible to photograph and you really couldn't see any of the details from the front!  I was going to try to get some shots the day after I finished it but my client (whom I hadn't even called yet?!) showed up while I was trimming it.  So this is all you get!
Pre-quilting.  The center was wet because there were water soluble pen marks and I was hoping they weren't set with the iron.  And they were.  But she didn't realize that and they will eventually fade!

Then there's a crappy you-can't-see-anything front shot...

And a couple of the back...

That's all I got!  Travesty, right?
The top that I quilted right after this one was done was completely totally insanely massive as well and again, hard to photograph.  Let's see what I can dig up.  Giant log cabin! She said, "feather the crap out of it".  So I did.

I was concerned how that grey would quilt up because it was a cheapo $4.29/yard prairie cloth.  But it quilted wonderfully!  I was so surpised!

And the back...

One more and then I promise I'm done!
Jinny Beyer's Moonglow!  I love this one because I used a solid black back and then matched my bobbin to the front for every color change, so it's a completely awesome reversible quilt.  And no, that is not glow in the dark thread!  It's my special thread though.  :)

I'm sure it seems like I put feathers on everything.  I might love to quilt them because they're fast and great for fullness BUT, I really don't put them on *everything*! 

So that's all I have for you for now.  I'm thinking in my next installment I'll make another announcement!  YAAAAAY!

Monday, July 9, 2012

From Cleveland to KC, let the fun begin!

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I have a couple of fun announcements to make!
While at Spring quilt market, I got a text message from Sarah Vedeler asking if I could meet her in her booth, because there was someone that wanted to meet me.  I told her I would be there in 15 minutes thinking it was one of her friends or something.
It was Kathie Stull!  Kathie is the producer of several how-to shows for PBS, including the Brother sponsored show, It's Sew Easy.  Now it's no secret that I absolutely love Brother machines, so I was pretty excited to talk to her.  We exchanged cards with tentative plans for me to be a guest on the show.  After market we exchanged a few emails, I started working on a fun little project that I thought would be perfect for the show, and tada!  I fly out to Cleveland to tape a segment or two the week of August 13th.

When I  made my travel plans, I decided to fly into KC from Cleveland, rather than flying into Denver.  Why?  I thought it would be a perfect excuse to stop off and have some fun with my friends Sheryl and Steph.  I never really have a super good excuse to get out to KC and it just seemed perfect that while I'm so insanely busy and really should be working 24 hours a day, I take a break from the madness for a little bit of R&R, extending my trip by a day.
I must be psychic or something, too.  Because within days of booking my flights, I got a message from the Vice President of the Mo-Kan Machine Quilters Guild asking if I would be interested in speaking at one of their meetings.  She was hoping for September, but I had to tell her it would have to wait until sometime next year, UNLESS it happened to work out that they had a meeting while I would be in town in August.  Guess what!  I'm extending my stay one more day.  :)
So if you're anywhere near the KC area and would like to come hang out with me for a bit, I will be speaking and giving a little trunk show at their meeting held at the Stanley Presbyterian Church, located at 148th & Antioch Road in Overland Park. The meeting is Thursday, August 16 and goes from 10am-noon, so I hope you'll come out to play!  The program is open to non-members for a $5 admission fee.  We're going to have some fun!
I will be back soon with some more quilty goodness and some more announcements!