Thursday, November 15, 2012

A mishmash of fun-ness!

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I'm getting a moment to sort of breath for the first time in a while, and my first priority is a post here!
Luckily, I'm waiting on the FedEx guy to bring me a quilt top that needs a super fast turnaround, otherwise I would be quilting (read: neglecting my blog even longer).  I really don't do it on purpose, I promise!
I'm thinking this post will give you a bit of insight as to how fried my brain is lately, because I will likely be jumping all over the place.  I hope that's okay with you!
I've posted a lot about Jo/Chimera.  I'm mentioning it again today for two reasons!
First, once that quilt was finished, Thomas and I decided that I would get to babsit it a few times a year and include it in my trunk show.  But then I took it a step further and decided to use it for a class sample, along with two mini-versions.  I just this morning finished quilting the first mini-version.  As this is for a class, my goal was to quilt it in an undesirable way - but I just couldn't.  Here is the mini!

 And just for fun here's a closeup of my weirdness deciding to do two random rows of pebbles on one side...

So there's reason number one.  Second, the original Jo appeared in the premier issue of  Modern Quilts Unlimited!  It's in the Limelight section.

And here is the magazine hanging on my Wall of Fame, along with other magazines and news articles and letters and gifts from my amazing friends!

And yes, I do keep every single thing that is sent to me!

The original Jo now lives on my wall with BeDazzled that just came back from its exhibit in France!

Another cool thing about this particular issue of Modern Quilts unlimited is that they did a profile of Jacquie and included in that profile was her Bridges quilt.  One of my favorite people in the whole world, Sheryl Schleicher quilted that quilt!

Hmm, okay I guess I needed to rotate it but that's okay because here's another picture of two of my friends standing with the quilt in Houston from the MQG exhibit!

I hope they don't mind me posting that! The quilting doesn't stand out much in this photo because it's subtle/AWESOME.  If you haven't seen detail shots, you should pick up the magazine.  It's amazing.

Those two friends are Natalie Carlton and Karen Marchetti.  I LOVE THEM!  Karen and I missed each other by a couple of days, but I did get to hug Natalie for a bit before I left for the airport.  Karen had a quilt both in the show at Houston, and also one in Modern Quilting Unlimited's sister publication booth for Machine Quilting Unlimited.  Why is this notable?  Because I got to deliver her quilt!
I first saw Clouds in my Latte at MQS, which I believe was its debut show.  My friendship with Karen at that time was in its infancy and we have grown so incredibly close over the time since then! Now anyone that knows anything about show quilts knows that you're NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THEM!  Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut...

I couldn't resist.  I laid it out on the floor and instinctively just dived right on top.  It's an amazing beautiful quilt.  Want proof?  Here you go.

Let's see... what else can I tell you?  Oh!  I don't know if I mentioned this on the blog or not, but right before I left for Houston I quilted a Savanna Bop baby quilt.  I didn't post it because it was supposed to be a secret from the mama that I quilted it.  She had her baby while I was in Houston and reading the texts from grandma had me in tears.  So happy for the whole family!  Here is the quilt.  Savanna Bop is just such happy fabric...

And speaking of Thomas fabric, remember this Frippery quilt I posted made by Kim?

Kim and I are sneaky.  She actually made that and I in turn quilted it as a gift for Thomas and his wife for their upcoming new arrival.  I knew it would get barfed on and peed on a lot, so it had to be quilted sufficiently to handle many, many washings.  :)

Oh! And one more thing about Thomas!  Way forever ago I quilted this quilt for him.  It's called Doppelganger (we call it Barney though).  It's a giant remake of the very first quilt I ever quilted for him and it's on the cover of Generation Q that debuted in Houston!

Here is a photo of the back.  I adore how Thomas pieced a giant monochrome log cabin block for the backing.

Of course I don't have any pictures of the front on my computer (they're all on my phone) except for this closeup showing that it's actually quilted in three different thread colors - you'll see it if you squint hard enough.

A couple of other cool things about Houston, once again my Sedona Star was there.  It had just gotten back from France and well, then went to Houston for Festival (not Market, I never did get to see it hanging live and in person) and then was sent home.  I hadn't seen it since I dropped it off in Houston last year so it was a very pleasant surprise!

The amazing and wonderful Alison Glass showed off her Lucky Penny quilt, though I didn't get any pictures of it actually AT Market.  It was so much FUN quilting this quilt! I love it when there's tons of room for fun and am told to do whatever I want!

I had dinner with Sharon Schamber and her beautiful amazing incredible awesome daughter Cristy!  That was the first night and I was exhausted from not sleeping and travel, and they got to town and started booth setup.  A buncha tiredsies!

Okay I think that's enough random babbling for now, don't you?  I'll be back with plenty more! Have you missed me???  :)