Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long overdue game of catch up: AWESOME SMASHUP style!

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So remember a really long time ago when I said that life happens and I wasn't going to stress or be apologetic about neglecting my blog anymore?

Two freakin' months?!  So much has happened!

My computer and phone crashed on the same day.  Where was the backup for my phone stored? On my computer.  Where was my backup for my computer stored?  WTF  you talkin' bout Willis?  Who backs up their computer?!  Oh, I'm the only one that doesn't?  Yeah I guess I really am.
So anyway, I lost allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of my pictures of all the amazingly epic stuff that I've been working on.  I suppose that's okay though, because photographers do a much better job anyway!
Let's see.  My first quilt of the year was a little wall hanging I did for Gina Reddin of Splinter and Threads.  It's a cute little embroidered number, and it made its debut in the Superior Threads booth at Road to California.

Itty bitty guy!  But hey, while we're on the subject of Road to California, want to know something else super neat?  Do y'all remember Lynn's Ruffled Roses quilt?  She won an Honorable Mention at Road to California for that quilt!

Let's see.  What else?  Oh! I did a super fantabulous red and white quilt for someone that I just absolutely ADORE.  I can't show you the front, but the back is gorgeous too!

Did I ever show this little lady on the blog?  I don't remember if I did or not...
This is another class sample for this spring!

It looks weird and discolored because the fabric is slightly off-white, and then I did super dense quilting in true white, to give the motifs some depth.  So I wanted it that way.  However, after these photos were taken, this quilt was the victim of a roof leak and now it actually IS a bit discolored.  But not enough for anyone to notice!  :)

Sooooo, let's see.  Okay.  Shortly before Christmas, I got a special delivery in the mail.  I was so excited!  There was a video of me opening it once upon a time, but I'm happy to say THAT was lost in the mass exodus that was all of my data as well!  A picture survived from Facebook, though!

What the heck is that?!
I'll tell you.  It's a giant sized poster of this!

That's a really crappy picture.  I have a perfect one, but my email is being a bit of a jerk, so I'm forced to show you the crappy one.  That's a 2013 Gammill ad.  Those are my quilts!  Why are my quilts in a Gammill ad?  Cuz I'm a freakin Gammill Quilting Artist, foos!!!  YEAH!  Good times!  More on that later though. 

Then there's this...  I have a pretty badass article in the current issue of Generation Q Magazine (If I may say so myself).  If you are a longarm quilter, you need all of your clients to read it!  If you use the services of a longarm quilter, you need to read it!  I've not yet gotten a copy of the magazine, but my homies are always lookin' out!

Then there's also this...  the current issue of Fons & Porter has a quilt that Thomas and I did together waaaaaay forever ago!

You can find more info on that here!

Then today, QuiltCon opened!  This is the inaugural conference event of the Modern Quilt Guild.  I knew that a few of my clients entered quilts and have been dying to hear any news.  Today started pretty crappy but QuiltCon news made it better!

Thomas and I did a quilt last year called Doppelganger, which was the cover of the last issue of GenQ.  I do not have any good pictures of this quilt anymore (stupid data loss!) but it took a ribbon at QuiltCon!

Another EPIC quilt that we did last year, was Martha.  We were so very secretive about this quilt because it is for his book.  However, the publishers gave him permission to submit it at QuiltCon.  It didn't receive any judging love (which totally blew us away), but it is such a friggin epic, amazing quilt!  I detailed all of my thought processes behind the quilting of it on my Facebook page.  I've made the post public, so you shouldn't have any problems seeing it!  It's a really good explanation of how this quilt came to be and how/why it was quilted the way it was.  But here's a couple of pictures of the quilt:

Then there's Alison's Lucky Penny quilt!  I no longer have good pictures of it either, but I have blogged it before.
And then there's Victoria...
I'd known Victoria via the online sewing/blogging/quilting community and met her for real at Market in Houston.  Shortly thereafter she called me saying that she wanted me to do a quilt for her, and it needed done FAST!  I had just recovered from the frantic pre-Houston rush, and knew that I had two more coming that needed done FAST! (and again, more on those later) but I agreed.  Because it's Victoria and I love Victoria!  She gave me complete control over the quilting, and didn't know what it looked like at all until it was done and I sent her pictures.  I finished it two days before Thanksgiving, just in time to work on the other two FAST ones over Thanksgiving holiday! Anyway, that quilt that V and I did together?  Yeah.  This happened today.

 THAT HAPPENED TODAY!!!!!!!! (Well, by the time this is posted, it will have been yesterday but WHATEVER!).
Giant congrats to Victoria (and myself)!  Best in Show!  I've spent the entire day keeping up with Facebook and emails and phone calls of congratulations.  My crappy day turned into exhaustingly awesome!

So I think that's all I've got for now.  I leave for Atlanta, then down to Lakeland, for the Expo soon.  My classes are filling fast, so if you are planning to come play at either show and want to get in on them, you need to do it soon!  I also have two quilts traveling in an exhibit for all of this year's Expo shows, so you should check it out!
After that I will have a couple of weeks off before I hit the road again.  Hopefully being in a hotel room at night will leave me time to blog?  But there's still so much work to do, so no guarantees of that.
I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Total awesome epicosity! Congratulations to both you and Victoria - awesomeness! Also, Congrats to your and Thomas on Doppel... And I totally love Martha, an amazing quilt! And yay for everything wonderful that is happening, you totally deserve all of it!

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  2. Congrats on the BEST IN SHOW to you & Victoria! Martha is amazing. Well, really, everything I've seen that you've done is amazing - and then some. Enjoy!

  3. Wow!! Congrats on so many levels!!! :)

  4. Mind. Blown. You're a superstar, about friggin time it was recognised :o)

  5. ok one word on all of this - amazeballs!! you rock! xx

  6. Congratulations to you and Victoria on best in show!! I really wish I could go and stand and look at that quilt in person (think there's any chance the QuiltCon people will take a super high resolution picture of it and put it on the web, so we can zoom in and out and really see it??).

    Also I can't believe the Ruffled Roses quilt only got an honorable mention - I LOVE that quilt. It should win everything ever!

    And congratulations on every single other awesome thing you listed :)

  7. Such epic freaking fun! And yea, I couldn't imagine Martha did score too!

  8. I just saw the quilt over at V's blog. Cool! Looking forward to getting to meet both of you in April (Shaumburg show).

  9. Wow, Wow, Wow! Incredible! Absolutely Incredible! No wonder you can't sleep nights! :) LOL! Congratulations!

  10. Lisa, congratulations to you and Victoria!!! Martha looks fabulous!!

  11. Wow how awesome! Congratulations to you and Victoria..I am visiting from her website and will be following...your work is awesome....

  12. Victoria sent us from her blog to say Congrats on your blog for the Best of Show at Quiltcon. I cannot understand why In Defense of Handmade didn't get any judge love either. I love the quilt and the message. Go figure. I think all judging is so inscrutable anyway.

  13. I saw all of your work at QuiltCon, and was just so happy to get to lok at it up close. Congratulations on Best in Show! I was also surprised at some of the things that were overlooked, but then my standards are differently arranged than others, just as everyone's are, I guess. Looking forward to your classes at MQX!

  14. Amazing work! Your attention to detail is great.I look forward to following your blog and your future collaborations!

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  16. I came over for the peace post and stayed for a long time going through your blog. Just gorgeous quilting. Amazing co-artistry on all those quilts. The border quilting on the ruffled roses quilt is fantastic.

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