Monday, July 8, 2013

Me love you long time

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Alrighty then.  So, this time I really am sorry.  Four months.  Crazy four months.
I've been wanting to write so many things to share with you lovelies, but I  just never seem to find the time.  But, I figured when I started receiving emails wondering if you need to send out a search party or if I was dead, I should probably do something about it.


Surprise!  I'm still alive!  How do I summarize the last four months?  Well, I don't really think that I can.  I've worked.  A lot.  I've loved and been loved.  I've been happy and sad; laughed and cried.  I've made wonderful friends and cast away some not so wonderful friends.  I've gone to Atlanta and Lakeland, Chicago and Burlington, Manchester and Salt Lake City, Portland and several places in between.  There have been lots of magazines and even the Wall Street Freakin' Journal!  I became older, I got some new tattoos, I've done a lot of paper work and quilted a lot of quilts and tried to sleep a little every now and then.  I've been home since the very end of May, and haven't even had a chance to completely unpack yet.  I suppose in a way that works out well, because now it's time to pack again.  It was nice to be home for longer than two weeks.  :)

Some of you faithful readers that have been checking in sporadically to see if I've posted any kind of update may have noticed that for a while I had my blog redirecting to my website that I'm very slowly attempting to build.  That didn't work out so well because the blog function of the website leaves a bit to be desired.  So I'm working on it.  But if you're interested, my website will be the best place to view my calendar and port via the tabs just under the header.  It's cleaner and prettier.  It's just not "done" just yet.  BUT! At the bottom of every page is links to all of my social networking profiles - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Which is where most of my pictures get posted these days anyway.

What else can I tell you? Lots.  But I guess I'll just try to post some pictures so that you get your fill of eye candy!

In no particular order...

Demo in class in Atlanta (?)

Darts on my birthday.  My first time, and I kicked ass!

Betsey and me hanging out "at" the yacht club (the one we weren't allowed into).  :)

My lovely Beverly at a party at Modern Domestic in Portland

My BooBoo quilting on the Gammill charm in the booth in SLC (?) (Manchester?)

Sara, Brenda and me at another party in Portland

I don't know her name, but this was taken in SLC, and she said that meeting me was on her bucket list.  Success!!!

Fellow teacher, Georgia Stull and me goofing off between classes in Manchester

Irena Bluhm and her sister stopped by to see me every day in SLC.  Adore her!

Judy of Olde City Quilts fame getting a private lesson on feathers after classes were done for the day and the shop closed!

My dear Karen wowing the attendees at MQX in Manchester

My poor kitty pouting while I packed for a trip.  Which one? Dunno.

Lunch with one of my rocks, Flaun and her mama, LaLa.  I had tomato basil soup and a veggie sandwich (and two classes of wine) and it was the BOMB.

Karen and me in the Gammill booth after the awards ceremony.  There's a story about my lack of a bra that is quite comical but I'm going to leave that part out.

My sweet roomie, Melissa Averinos and me hanging out on the first night in Manchester.  She was being shy.

My friend Morgan (not a quilter) getting her face eaten by the sun in Portland

Karen, Natalie, Mari and me hanging out at the pool between Atlanta and Lakeland.  I HAD to post this one.  Just had to. 

Natalie, Mari and me being... us.

Pat Barry and me in the booth in Lakeland

MQX judge and teacher, Scott Murkin and me checking out the fabulous quilts!

Me in Chicago posing with one of my quilts.  I borrowed this picture.  :)

The fabulous Sherry Reynolds and me at the Gammill booth in SLC

Teresa giving me some love at Modern Domestic.  She just made a BIG change in her life.  Head on over to her blog and give her some love and luck!

My friend Tracy and me goofing off in one of my classes I taught in Chicago.  Bad teacher!

A sign in Portland that makes me laugh every time I look at it...

Some random Portland pretties

Hotel kitty that hung out in the parking lot every day and became my friend

Washington state is gorgimous!

The WSJ article!

SLC is beautiful.  Totally different from Colorado where mountains = west.  In SLC you're completely surrounded.

Barb's funky quilt for her niece's graduation!

Betsey's red & white quilt from her book, Butterfly Fields.  I had shared the back of this one, but it didn't debut until Quilt Market in Portland.  We shared it in her schoolhouse session for the book and the entire audience broke into applause!!! I just about cried and she was thrilled!

A teaser of a quilt for Megan

This one is Lynne's!

Remember Lynne's Ruffled Roses quilt? Not only did she get a HM at Road to California, but she just recently won THREE ribbons at Vermont Quilt Festival: First place in her category, Best use of color and Best mixed technique! She is such a rockstar!

Here's a Christmas quilt I did for my mama.  I even used metallic thread for her.  Cuz she's my mama.

Here's Yvonne's quilt, that I don't know the name of...

Emma's quilt... the one I was doing all the video blogs for? Okay well I only actually posted one video blog but I took videos for four more.  But yeah...  Seems silly to post them now, but here is the quilt!

Stephanie entered Evolution of a Crop Circle into MQX as well

A sweet antique baby quilt

A lightning strikes bargello

This is one that I did for the ladies of American Quilters Society for the Pilgrim/Roy exhibit that is currently traveling for the National Quilt Museum

I also did another Latte quilt, but I can't find any pictures of the front...

And last but certainly not least is Sara's butterfly quilt for her daughter's 5th birthday...  Pattern by Tula Pink will be available sometime in August!

Naturally, this isn't the entirety of the last four months.  There has been a lot, a lot, a lot more.  But you're probably bored to tears and ready for a cocktail by now to cure said boredom so I will call it quits for now. 
There are some big changes on the horizon and I can't wait to tell you about it.  Unfortunately it likely means that I will probably have to spend some time away again, but certainly not four months. 
Now I've got a donation quilt to get done, so I'd better sign off.
Happy quilting, lovelies!!!