Saturday, August 31, 2013

My list...

Pin It A lot of people have asked why I moved. Mostly, my response was "why not?".  
The other day, I was talking to my wonderful friend Jessica Sloan (if you don't know her, you should try to. She is a beautiful soul) and detailing the finer details behind what this move means to me. So I thought that I would share it with you. 
First, the facts. Yes, there will be work. I am scaling back my teaching and travel obligations to give myself more time to enjoy my life. 
I have worked my ass off for the last nearly five years since I started this adventure in quilting. I have worked every single holiday for the last 2 years. Every one. All of them. Spent at my quilting machine. NO MORE. 
I will work from home. That will give me more time to multitask! I can have dinner and laundry going while I kiss all of the pretties with needle and thread. Glorious!
I will give private lessons at Olde City Quilts. They've got plans for an awesome private studio for me on the second floor of their new addition. Everyone is welcome. (And by the way if you're interested, you schedule through them, not me)
So what about this list? Well, I have a friend that is trying to find out who she is after a ten-year relationship ending. That's a really hard thing to do. So I told her to start a list. A list of things that she loves to do, or wants to do, or things she never dreamed she would be interested in. And DO THEM. Stop talking about doing it, and do it. 
And I have my own list. Some of the things this move means to me...

I will be a better boss to myself. I still want to make you all happy, but I don't think anyone realized the toll that my work was taking on me. Both mentally and physically. I'm being totally real here and not trying to guilt anyone. But being on a mission to make as many people happy as possible was to my own detriment. And I'm not doing it anymore. I've learned how to say no. If I say no to you, it's because I HAVE to, for my own good. 

I will cook more. I love to cook and it kind of sucks that it's just me that I have to cook for. AND I'm a vegetarian so others are somewhat afraid to let me cook for them. So silly. I'm having a dinner party in September and cooking for about eight of my neighbors. It'll be great and wonderful and is a really good excuse for me to get back into the kitchen to do something I so much enjoy. 

I will have a social life. I might be good at what I do for a living, but since I started doing it I have completely sucked at life. People that are important to me have had to come second to deadlines and travel. Not anymore. I will make time to spend with people that I like. I will make time to go out and meet more people that I may or may not like. We'll see. But my work will no longer define me as a person. I will have other things to turn to as well. 

I had planned to join a gym. First, to start the path to a healthier lifestyle, but also to meet new people. However, there is a gym in the basement and I may utilize that instead. I can meet new people at the cafe down the street. Which brings me to my next point. 

I will explore my new city. I've spoken with people that have lived here their entire life and have never been to Constitution Hall or the Liberty Bell. WHAT?! It's the birthplace of our nation! Go out and experience it! I'm gonna. 

I will do as much as I can to improve the community and the lives of the people in it. This is a really hard one to explain because I want to do what I want to do because I want to do it. Not because I need recognition for it. So I'm not going into details on this one. 

I will not spend so much time on the Internet. Wasteful. In fact, I'm typing this on my phone because I've thus far resisted even having cable or Internet hooked up in my new home.  Which again brings me to my next point. 

Without spending so much time on the Internet, I will read more. Since I started quilting I feel like I've developed some weird form of dyslexia but really, it's just that I've developed the attention span of a gnat. I've gotten so used to constantly thinking about what quilt I have to do next or what show deadline I'm working toward, that I literally cannot focus at all when I try to read a book. It pisses me off. I'm slowing down my life, and slowing down my brain so that I can absorb more. I love to read. I'm going to do it again. 

I will get organized. My life is like an episode of Hoarders, except without the physical mess. Okay, sometimes there's a physical mess too but that isn't what I'm talking about. I haven't even had time to file my expense receipts from the beginning of the year. They're floating around in folders and in suit cases and some have never left my wallet. I don't know where any of my 2013/14 contracts are, etc.  I don't even know what I'm teaching in Atlanta in three weeks. This isn't going to happen again. I won't let it. 

I will do what I want, when I want. 

I will laugh more. 

I will cry less. 

I will take random breaks from my day to snuggle my kitty cat. 

I will let myself sleep more. 

I will sew. Oooooh, will I sew...

I will do more "me" projects. 

I will give myself time to breathe. 

I will give myself time in general. 

I will be happy. 

That is what this move means to me. 


  1. Well said!! I need to do about 95% of what you are going to do. I also have a very hard time saying no. I haven't pieced a quilt top in about 4 years...not good!
    Enjoy your new surroundings, Lisa.

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  2. And yes, a perfect meaning of moving and making you important. Woot!

    Enjoy your new city, your new way of being.

    I'm tickled for you.

  3. I have a plaque my mother gave me that says" this life is not a dress rehearsal."
    Life is about balance and doing things that matter to you.
    Reinventing,evolving,prioritizing as life moves forward..working toward a happy healthy engaged life on every level...kudos Lisa for taking that direction and recognizing things needed to change!Let the good times begin!Thanks for sharing!
    Keep smiling,

  4. So happy that you are treating 'you' as a priority! Maybe you'll be able to create and sew for your enjoyment while helping others finish thier works of art! Sounds like you might even have time to smile and enjoy this journey known as your life! HUGS! <3

  5. We should all slow down and live, and by living become better. Your on the same road as me, good luck to us all.

  6. Kitty Cat is going to be sooo happy :) Hope all works out well for you!

  7. You are beautiful inside and out. I will miss you, I already do miss you. You opened my eyes to a lot of things, things I can not explain. Please do follow your list and your heart, I am so glad you are doing what you want. And someday I will come see you, I may be old and gray then but you will always be burnet and pink. Love u girl, enjoy your new life. Mar

  8. Great list, Lisa! One tip about the reading - I have found that I enjoy listening to books on CD while I'm quilting - and a wireless bluetooth headset enables me to hear them over the long arm noise. Our library has a great selection, so I can multitask for free!

    Good luck with your new life!!

  9. Totally get you on the reading thing -- I listen to books now cause I don't have the attention span to read them - I can't even read a magazine! Ugh! If you get that one figured out, let me know. K?
    May much happiness find you in your new home!

  10. Good for you Lisa! You will excel and have a wonderful time at it. Beautiful attitude!

  11. I was there a few years ago, I think I missed reading the most it was such a big part of my life. Print that list out and put it somewhere you'll see it, remind yourself of what's important.

  12. Lisa, this is a great list. You are an inspiration. You should take a little trip up to Ringing Rocks park.

  13. You're awesome. My library has downloadable audiobooks. I listen to them on walks bike rides etc. And while sewing! I spent a chunk of last summer in West Philly with a social justice traing and had a lovely time.

  14. Writing all this down is such a great idea. We all need to learn to articulate our wants & desires. You have done a great job of it. Enjoy Philly! Do they still have the Italian street market? I lived there in the mid '70's for a few months.

  15. Way to go Lisa! Can I just adopt your whole list! Oh, and I have to get a new job ...

  16. Bravo! I have to agree with an earlier commentator audio books are so good! you can get out and walk the town/city, get the fresh air, visit coffee shops or you can use them to fill the mental void while doing the house work :D

  17. "Kiss the pretties with needle and thread" -- I LOVE that! What a beautiful way to think about quilting!

    Good luck with this new beginning. I wish you energy, clarity, and peace!

  18. I look forward to seeing your explorations of the city, I live her and have always made an effort to explore, but there is always more to do! Such a wealth of stuff to see here. I also love the list, good luck with everything!

  19. I am retiring in December and moving to a new town. Your list is pretty much exactly what mine is, only I've never written it down. Perhaps it is time to do that. :) Hope you don't mind a bit of a copy-cat blog post in the near future :)

  20. If everyone were to figure out life the way you have, I must say that the world would be a much happier, kinder place to be!

  21. Well said! I completely respect your decision but hope that "not spending so much time on the internet" won't translate to "not posting on the blog"...I enjoy reading your posts!

  22. Good for you!!This is a great list!

  23. I truly hope that you are following the plan that you've written out - it's beautiful! (I'm typing this as I once again eat lunch at my desk after forgoing my gym time in lieu of meeting a deadline.) The fact that you wrote out your plan is as good as setting it in stone though....much as you might be tempted to stray something will pull you back on track. (Although I am many chronological years beyond you I hope that I can be as thoughtful as you when I grow up.)

  24. I enjoyed reading this and found myself needing to do the same thing. 50 plus quilts hanging. Havent enjoyed a hike with my dogs in over 2 years. No days off at all. Always wanting to please everyone else and my house is a wreck to me anyway. You took the words right out of my mouth. Think I might be excited again.

  25. Lisa, I'm so happy I finally read this. With all you've been through, you deserve to be happy and to have the life you desire.
    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Hope to see you again soon. Luv ya kid!

  26. Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our class in Fredericksburg today. I learned sooo much and know I will be a better quilter because of you.

    Your blog is so inspiring. You have learned at a young age what it takes most people a lot of years to learn. You need to take care of yourself first. You will be happier and that will make people who love you happy as well.

    Hope to see you in Houston at the Gammill booth!!

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