Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Changes... Terrifying and Exciting and New

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It's been another few whirlwind months, for sure!
Since my last entry, I've been to Atlanta and Fredericksburg to teach for Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, NYC for Quilters Take Manhattan by the Quilt Alliance and Portland to teach for MQX.  In a couple of days I'm headed to Houston for International Quilt Market AND Festival.  That's right folks, I'll be there for both this year!  I'll be whipping up some awesome in the Gammill booth with one of my besties, Karen Marchetti! So drop by and check it out.  A good time is sure to be had by all.

I'm hoping that this trip will be uneventful.  I don't share my travel woes on my blog (I save that for Facebook), but trust me when I say that they're abundant!  Just in the last month I've been pulled over on my way to teach at a quilt show on suspicion of being a drug trafficker (I will never drive through South Carolina ever again), and I taught my classes in Portland with a serious case of food poisoning.  YIKES!

Sooooooo anyway.  What are these changes I allude to in the title of this post?

The largest part of my moving to Philadelphia (aside from that whole restructuring-of-my-life thing) was to work with Olde City Quilts, teach private lessons from a studio there, give workshops in their classroom, etc.  As of a couple of weeks ago though, Olde City Quilts is no longer a representative of Gammill Quilting Machines.

So what does this mean for me? Does it mean that I will no longer be giving private lessons and workshops locally?  Nope.  It does not.  I will be attaining an out-of-home studio to give said lessons and workshops right here in Philly.

It may take a little longer to get it off the ground (private lessons were supposed to start in November), and it will be a lot more work, but it will still be happening.  I have found a studio - fingers crossed that it doesn't get snatched up - right down the street from my home and the ball is rolling on all of this.  As for when all of this will become more concrete, I just don't know yet.  But soon.

I will be working with my new Gammill dealers, Steve and Lori Clayton who own Threads Run Thru It quilt shop in Phenix, VA.  Yes, it's Phenix without the "o"!  For now, if you're interested in private lessons or workshops, you're welcome to contact me directly at my business email ( lisa@thatcrazyquiltygirl.com ) but eventually my scheduling will be handled by them.  I will keep you all posted as the updates come in.

In the interest of respecting all parties involved, I will only be answering questions about the new adventure I'm about to be on, and nothing else.

So there you go! Wish us luck in getting this going!
I'll be back when I get to Houston with pictures galore, and if I'll see you there, please drop a line or stop by the booth!